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African Heroes 3D: Space African Heroes 3D: Space v1.0.0

Direct a team of African heroes - Shaka Zulu the Mighty Warrior, Okomfo Anokye the Priest and Prof. Allotey the genius with unique skills and supernatural powers through a series of intense battles against aliens in outer space to save your planet

Killer Bean Vs Aliens Killer Bean Vs Aliens v1.1

Its Killer Unleashed! Become Killer Bean and use your extreme skills to take down your enemies. This is an intense 2D shooter game that combines old school game-play with new school graphics! Killer Bean was once a member of an elite agency of assassins, until they tried to kill him. Now he's on a mission to eliminate them all, one bullet at a time!

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60s Survival Quest 60s Survival Quest v1.0.1

A game about surviving from hardest environment ever.

Super Potato Steal Super Potato Steal v1.0.0

Power up version of Potato Steal is released! This is a fast and addictive game!

Buggi Buggi v1.0

Hi guys ! I'm Buggi the killer, and I'm adorable, nice to meet you !

Legend of a Chicken Legend of a Chicken v1

Hundreds of chicken are being held captive by evil men!

Our heroic chicken undertakes the task to free all of them through various action packed levels that require quick reflexes and clever timing.

The game is a horizontal and vertical platform game with lots of real physics and funny instances.

This free version includes 10 of the 40 stages of the full game (to be released in July).

Holi Holi v1.3

First ever Holi game where you have all the ingredients available. Play the game and paint the canvas with colors.

Turbo Tire Turbo Tire v1.3

If You Like Speed... If You Like Dangers... You Will Love This Game...

spaceships spaceships v1.1

It is an era of constant warfare, enemy ships invade our galaxy and only you can save mankind.
Your mission is really simple, destroy the mothership and all other ships that have come from space to destroy our world.
Explosions, ships, asteroids,lasers, weapons and all the excitement you expect from a great space game.

Inspired in a classic arcade space shooter but remade with HD graphics.

Gravity in Space Gravity in Space v1.0.0

Gravity exists in space !! What? Impossible ? .. Check it yourself in "Gravity in Space".
Gravity in Space is an addictive game, and great to challenge your friends with your high score.

Ant Hustle Ant Hustle v1.0

A colony of black ants lived peacefully over a green hillock, guarded by black ninja ant. All their peace was disturbed when a huge mothership of alien insects invaded the hillock.

Rain Escape Rain Escape v1.0.8

-Rain Escape-
-Simple and Addictive
-Good 2D graphics
-Exploding body parts

Duck Hunting Duck Hunting v1.0

Duck Hunting: Angry Shooting Game is an endless duck hunting game where you hunt ducks with differently powered guns! But are you an ace shooter and kill all the birds before they escape?
Objective is to destroy all ducks hiding in bushes! To do so simply aim, tap, tilt and target the ducks using guns with different speed and weight. But beware, the game ends if 5 ducks escape!

Below the Known Below the Known v8.7.7

Enter the World of the Unknown and fight for your life.

House of Gangsters House of Gangsters v1.2

A fun shooting Game

Deadly Fighter Deadly Fighter v1.0

New 2D shooter with a interesting and simple gameplay

Leo Western Leo Western v1.0

Now Leo is in the Western. Leo is going on a new adventure and needs your help.

Mushroomer Bob Mushroomer Bob v1.0

Help Bob find all mushrooms

BitRunner BitRunner v1.0

Tiny and fun pixel art endless runner!

Devils Cauldron Devils Cauldron v1.0.1

DevilsCauldron is an original platform game, your mission is to try not to fall into the fire of Alvern satanic.