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Puzzel Alarm Puzzel Alarm v1.1

Puzzel alarm is an alarm that can be set just as a normal alarm but to dismiss it, there needs to be solved a puzzle.

Smoking free Smoking free v1.0

Quit smoking and track your savings

Body Mass Index Body Mass Index v2.1.0

Calculate Your Body Mass Index.

Hockey Team Hockey Team v1.4

For the coach or captain of a recreational hockey team.

Given the number of players who showed up in the dressing room... how many forwards and how any defense is that?!
Also suggests how you might divide up your forwards.

Language is gender-neutral so you can use it for girls/womens teams too.

Please note: this app is *not* a game.

Wake Up Light Wake Up Light v0.7

This Wake up light will make the screen of your mobile go on and be brighter until it reaches his brightest level at the Alarm time.

Stress Relief Stress Relief v1.3

Self-Hypnosis for Stress Relief utilizes warm and soothing music inducing a total relaxation, and powerful imagery. It draws upon and deepens the listener’s sense of life purpose, spirituality, resilience, trust, and love. Here one can find that he or she has finally got inner and outer resources not only to face whatever challenges life may bring, but to live joyfully as well.

Daltonism Test Daltonism Test v1.2

Color Blindness Test

Renk Körlüğü Testi

Smart Weight Tracker Smart Weight Tracker v1.50

Log your weight with Smart Weight Tracker

Ideal Fit Ideal Fit v1.0.1

Application helps you keep or get into shape, reach ideal proportions of your chest, waist and hips. It also calculates your BMI. Calculates your extents with camera or manual inputs.

SkinnyGal SkinnyGal v1

Lose weight fast with this visualisation, hypnosis and meditation audio programme.

Drop a dress size easily with this visualisation, hypnosis and meditation audio programme channelled direct from the Angels

Steroid Encyclopedia Steroid Encyclopedia v1.201

The Steroid Encyclopedia app is by far the most comprehensive steroid information app on the android market today.
Others have attempted to cover the broad subject of anabolic steroids in often meagre detail; this is just not good enough! Cue Steroid Encyclopedia.

Справочник лекарств Мобильный доктор Справочник лекарств Мобильный доктор v2.0.1

Оффлайн справочник по лекарственным препаратам

In Season In Season v1.0

Android produce app for US growth seasons of produce

iDialysis iDialysis v1.0.1

Take back control for dialysis patients, iDialysis is a mobile application for patient who are using dialysis machines.

memotarifs memotarifs v1.0

Prices acts for french medicine practitioner.
Prices for consultations, visits and some technical procedures (CCAM).
Makes no calculations except for mileage allowances.

Office Buzz Office Buzz v1.2

Alarm clock for workaholics. Reminds you to make little breaks in work regulary.

BMI Calculator BMI Calculator v1.4

BMI Calculator - BMI(Body Mass Index) calculator app.

Very easy to calculate your BMI and also your ideal weight range. Fast and reliable. You just need to input the data for you height and weight and the results will be calculated for you automatically.

Medical Formulas Medical Formulas v1.0.4

You can find all the calculations you need in medicine in this application

AlcoTestPro AlcoTestPro v1.0.1

Little drunk eve? Find out whether you can drive now.

AlcoTestEng AlcoTestEng v1.0.2

Little drunk eve? Find out whether you can drive now.