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Calendar One Premium Calendar One Premium v1.2

Supports Phones and Tablets!
///Google sync is only for Samsung Devices currently and tablets, although some other brands of tablets work with google sync.
- Very Fast and smooth Calendar!
- Very Fast and smooth Google sync!
- Very Fast and smooth Widgets!
- Very Fast and smooth Task-list!
- Everything is done in an instant with this Calendar! v1.0 is your todo manager with flexible schedule. Unlike conventional calendar-like apps, doesn't make you set a deadline, and is suitable for things that do not have a clear time-frame. It's specially designed for your personal commitments, or promises you made to that special someone.

Movies Soundtracks Movies Soundtracks v1.1

Now you can easily find out every song in movies using this application, you just need to search the movie you want in the app and see all the songs that sound during the film.

Simple Counter Simple Counter v0.1.3

Simple counter.
With a two buttons (+/-) allow you simple manual counting of events.

Amazing Grocery List Amazing Grocery List v1.0

Never forget to buy an item at the store again! Simple and ingenious.
Amazing Grocery List is the only grocery list on the market that will save you time and money. Never forget to buy an item at the grocery store again!

My Library My Library v1.2

This application is especially design to avoid possible library fines.

Notice Period Widget Notice Period Widget v1.0.1

Notice period widget delivers exactly what it's name says. A handy homescreen widget for tracking your notice periods - let it be your phone contract, your work or any future action. Never forget, never overbook. With this handy widget you've got your essential info with you wherever you go.

Freelance Jobs Freelance Jobs v2.9.5

Freelance jobs aggregator from several freelance sites like,, and

For bug reports and feature requests please send email to

Current features :
- freelance jobs from oDesk, Freelancer and Elance.
- save job to database for future viewing
- search jobs from oDesk, Freelancer and Elance

Upcoming features :
- saved job search/criteria
- new job notification according your preferences
- job categories
- save/bookmark job

Easy Filer Pro Easy Filer Pro v1.0

Easy Filer is a File Manager(file explorer) that has a simple and intuitive UI, making managing your pictures, music, videos and files much easier.

CoachMe Football Edition Lite CoachMe Football Edition Lite v1.2

Football season is upon us! And for those of you involved in coaching this great sport we have just the app to help you out. Regardless what kind of coach you are, assistant coach or head coach, youth or high school this app will get your creative juices going and help you save precious time when teaching your players. This app features an extremely easy interface with all needed tools at your finger tips.

ACTIVE 24 ACTIVE 24 v1.0.0

Aplikace Active24 nabízí pohodlný a rychlý způsob registrace domény přímo z Vašeho telefonu. Objednávejte národní, evropské, světové a další domény kdykoliv a kdekoliv přímo ve Vašem mobilním telefonu.

CSL Scissor Lift Inspection CSL Scissor Lift Inspection v1.0

CSL Scissor lift Inspection App is designed to assists Scissor-lift operators in completing their required daily inspections. This App allow users to view their past inspections and keep accurate records for future reference. A Simple and easy to use layout helps make this daily task much less tedious. Submit function is included for saving to SD card and for easy file transfer.

Harcamalarım Harcamalarım v1.3

Harcamalarınızı takip edebileceğiniz basit ve kullanışlı bir program.

AppUsagePro AppUsagePro v1.0

Pro add-on for AppUsage. Install AppUsage first, then unlock extra features with this add-on. Currently opts you out of data collection; more Pro features coming soon!

Memo Memo v1.0.0


Red Torrent Lite Red Torrent Lite v11.12.21

A bit torrent client for your phone or tablet! Built in and search. Lite is limited to one download at a time with unlimited speed.

SapeDroid SapeDroid v1.5.5

Unofficial client of

Remember Remember v1.0

Got a lot of trivial things to remember? Don't want to lost something when you find it important later? Want to keep some evidences?
Just digitize them into your phone, remember the trivial things you care about

Easy Filer Easy Filer v1.0.2

Easy Filer is a File Manager(file explorer) that has a simple and intuitive UI, making managing your pictures, music, videos and files much easier.

REM Client Ver 1.03 REM Client Ver 1.03 v1.2

Real Time ECG Client for Maestros eUno R10 Telecardiology Soultion.