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Klad Klad v1.42

Collect all the treasure chests, avoid green men and do not fall into the water.

Functionz Functionz v1.4

Challenge your peers by creating a unique set of Functionz conundrums.

Block Puzzle Kings Block Puzzle Kings v1.0

Block Puzzle Kings is a classic block puzzle game. It is easy and fun to play with three game modes, for a total of 572 games. The levels starts out easy and then gradually increases in difficulty, many levels to keep you playing for hours.

Math Insane Math Insane v1.0.1

Be a Math Pro with Math Insane!

Rainbow Slide Rainbow Slide v1.01

Addicting puzzle game where you slide disks together to form rainbow disks.

Enable Jewels Enable Jewels v3.0

Can you enable all the jewels? Test your brain in this amazing puzzle!

BrainBurn Memory Trainer BrainBurn Memory Trainer v0.8.1

Brain trainer improves your memory

Clashed Eyes Geometry Clashed Eyes Geometry v1.5

How good is your eye accuracy? Find it out by playing this fascinating game.

PipeWorks PipeWorks v1.6

PipeWorks is a free pipe-twisting puzzle game with HD graphics.

Link Up Link Up v1.2

Link Up is a "Hashi" style logic game for Android.

SwitchNShakes SwitchNShakes v1.2

Enjoy a new style block puzzle game! Switch the blocks, and shake to shuffle.

Sugar Kingdom Sugar Kingdom v3.0

Sugar Kingdom is an interesting and colorful puzzle game for all ages!

Fox Adventure Fox Adventure v1.0.0

Here is an action and brain puzzle adventure game.
killing time game.

iKortex iKortex v0.9.9

iKorteX is a game to boost your brain & memory with fun!

Three Coins Three Coins v1.1.0.2

The goal of the game is to collect three 2 euro coins from small change

Molus Gems Party Molus Gems Party v1.0.2

Come visit the stirring tavern to play with Molus Gems.
Play with your friends and family on one device.
Simple rules even for 3-year-olds.
The perfect game for any event and meeting with friends.
Put your pattern together before others do it.

Chocolate Solitaire Chocolate Solitaire v1.2

Use your brain and remove chocolates from the board!

Antigravity Blocks Antigravity Blocks v1.45

Antigravity Blocks is a brand new take on the classic falling blocks puzzle.

  • Antigravity occurs on every level
  • Thunderstorms shuffle your blocks
  • Worms wonder around changing the entire board
  • Aliens invade your territory, stealing blocks
  • Pentris is also included in the game

And it is completely free.

9 Total 9 Total v1

★★★ 9Total (Nine Total) is the first and unique number puzzle game based on the CUMULATIVE TOTAL of number. Learn it in 2 minutes and play for hours ★★★

Water Task Water Task v1.5

Logical problem with water