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Invaders Quest Invaders Quest v1.0.27

Match 2 or more invaders and click on to kill, and you can use two type bomb too.

Bunnybash Free Bunnybash Free v1.0.8

Bunnybash is a unique puzzle game! Lots of challenging levels to complete, funny characters and atmospheric music. Tons of fun for everyone!

Deletion Deletion v1

Free puzzle platform game from Russpuppy! Use your brain and reflexes to complete 40 levels of awesomeness. Run from the deletion through levels that defy your usual sense of gravity, time, and logic. Can you survive the Deletion?

Thanks to Eric Skiff ( for the cool 8-bit music!

This app is ad-supported.

Konbo Monsters - Free Edition Konbo Monsters - Free Edition v1.0.16

*** The Konbo Monsters have arrived! ***

Enjoy one of the most fun, addictive and challenging tile-matching puzzle video games, with a mood inspired by the 90's japanese classic titles of the same genre.

Do Lines Do Lines v1.0.2

Game about creating color lines!
You can move color balls for getting lines.

Tetrodomo Tetrodomo v0.9.7

Tired of Tetromino Games that are ugly, with ads... etc. Try and enjoy Tetrodomo

Quadris Blitz Quadris Blitz v1.3

Meet Quadris Blitz with all-new features added to original Quadris Puzzle Game with its original and unique gameplay.
“…Quadris Blitz is Mind Frenzy...” ( :)

Frogs Frogs v1.9

Welcome to Frogs the classic multi level Solitaire game

Flexicolor Flexicolor v1.1.2

“Flexicolor” is a new, colored tetromino game, which gives you the freedom to create your own bricks of any shape and to include them into the customized game.

It All Works Out! It All Works Out! v1.3

Can you make the sums work out?

Drag the numbered blocks into the grid, until the sums across and down are all correct.

Matching pairs Matching pairs v1.0

In this game you have to match pairs, In usual matching games the player is shown both the boxes he/she tries to match, but in order to make the game a little difficult, if you select to non-similar pair you will not be shown the second one. You can put flags of different colors, to help you remember your guess about the box. Have fun !

Brainsquare Brainsquare v1.0

Brain2 aka Brainsquare is a simple yet addictive puzzle game to improve your brain.
Link all pins of the same colors with their corresponding square tiles to solve each board.
Combine logic and intuition to beat the levels and achieve mastery.
Challenge yourself and try to win a gold medal by solving the puzzle in a short number of moves and share-it on social networks.

Memory Training Memory Training v2.3

Complete memory training is a FREE game designed to train four types of your memory:

- Short-term memory
- Working memory
- Visual memory
- Spatial memory

Better memory will improve your focus, problem solving, and multitasking skills.

Halloween Puzzle Free Halloween Puzzle Free v1.0.0

Halloween Puzzle is a unique puzzle game! Challenging levels, nice characters and atmospheric music. Tons of fun for everyone!

Dragon Kakuro Free Dragon Kakuro Free v1.2

Dragon Kakuro is a refreshing take on a Japanese number puzzle classic.

Enjoy the popular cross sums number game with relaxing soundtracks and great graphics.

UnderwaterMaze UnderwaterMaze v1.1

Rescue all the 10 fish, then find refuge on the anemone to continue to the next level.

iGuess iGuess v1.0

iGuess is a mind puzzle which tests your concentration power in 60 seconds.

Triconum Triconum v1.01

Triconum is a puzzle game like no others. The scope of the game is to conquer all the enemy quadrants by rearranging three numbers in a specific order to form a sum of 15.

AlphaBlocs AlphaBlocs v1.7.2

AlphaBlocs is a fun and challenging new puzzle game.

marble logic marble logic v1.2S

A unique puzzle that will challenge your brain. Drop and roll your marble into the portal. Try to beat your best for even more challenge.

***** Use your brain, play the game ! ******