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UnderwaterMaze UnderwaterMaze v1.1

Rescue all the 10 fish, then find refuge on the anemone to continue to the next level.

iGuess iGuess v1.0

iGuess is a mind puzzle which tests your concentration power in 60 seconds.

Jewel Spirit Jewel Spirit v1.0.6

Fill the spirit buckets and compete with players from around the world.

Triconum Triconum v1.01

Triconum is a puzzle game like no others. The scope of the game is to conquer all the enemy quadrants by rearranging three numbers in a specific order to form a sum of 15.

Dragon Kakuro Free Dragon Kakuro Free v1.2

Dragon Kakuro is a refreshing take on a Japanese number puzzle classic.

Enjoy the popular cross sums number game with relaxing soundtracks and great graphics.

Infection Hunter Infection Hunter v2.2.7

Use your skill to take control of every germ in this challenging and fun strategy game!

Mastermind Code Breaker Mastermind Code Breaker v1.1

Can you break the code? Are you a mastermind?

Flexicolor Flexicolor v1.1.2

“Flexicolor” is a new, colored tetromino game, which gives you the freedom to create your own bricks of any shape and to include them into the customized game.

ParkMaze ParkMaze v1.6.2

ParkMaze is a puzzle game in the NetWalk genre.

marble logic marble logic v1.2S

A unique puzzle that will challenge your brain. Drop and roll your marble into the portal. Try to beat your best for even more challenge.

***** Use your brain, play the game ! ******

Cerberus Cerberus v1.1.5

A fun and challenging puzzle game that you have been looking for! Great for kids (7 or older) and casual gamers.

Squares Squares v1.0.3

Amazing puzzle game! Simple but demanding. Will you try?

Touch Numbers Game Touch Numbers Game v1.0

Touch Numbers Game is a math game for free. Train your brain, perception and reaction skills!

Puzzle N Puzzle N v3.4.6

Do you love solving puzzles? If so, try the Puzzle N app. Puzzle N is a classic game that features sets of consecutive numbers scrambled into a traditional sliding tile puzzle. The object of the game is to slide the tiles until the correct order of the numbers is restored. Choose from one of three different tile sizes (8 tiles, 15 tiles, or 24 tiles) and solve the puzzle. Puzzle N is simple enough for kids, but provides a fun challenge for adults as well.

Akil The Scribe Akil The Scribe v1.09

In this exciting game you have to join jewels or hieroglyphics of the same type to avoid them from filling the screen. Challenge yourselft and solve the final puzzle. Smash and Crush jewels while having fun!! What are you waiting for?

Good Memory Good Memory v3.8.0

How good is your memory? How powerful is your brain. Download this game, you will find out.

Watch and listen the given sequence of flashing lights, click on the lights to repeat the sequence to test your memory.

Christmas Frenzy Christmas Frenzy v2

Christmas Frenzy is a nice Christmas puzzle game in which you must collect as many gifts as you can in the 90-second time limit!

Frogs Frogs v1.9

Welcome to Frogs the classic multi level Solitaire game

Christmas Rush Christmas Rush v1.0.3

Christmas rush is a nice match3 puzzle game with a Christmas theme and 2 game modes!

Candy Cubes Candy Cubes v1.0

Candy Cubes

150 Levels on 5x5, 7x7, 9x9, 11x11, 13x13 boards

Blast the matching blocks and clear all the cubes from the screen to complete each level.
Classic game play with a twist of increasing complexity of puzzle nature.