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Novi Stars! Novi Stars! v0.003

Help Alie Lectric and her pals in the official Novi Stars: Galaxy Match!

7 Colorful Ball 7 Colorful Ball v1.0

delete same color ball.

Cylor Cylor v1.0

Addictive puzzle game for all.

You must group the squares of the same color in a segment in which the squares adjacent sides. On one level consists of three games.

Cylor has five levels: very easy (6 free fields) to very difficult (two free fields).

VIP Face Match VIP Face Match v1.1

Remembering & Recognise Celebrities real faces well and match

Dweebs Dweebs v3.0

The cute alien puzzle game!

Tiny Text Adventure Tiny Text Adventure v2.1.1

Embark on an adventure - just a small one - an adventure in the amazing realm of text!

Ninja Blade Ninja Blade v1.0.0

Slice the target to make it fall! This is a puzzle game with physics simulation!

Fireball Fireball v1.0.3

Can you extinguish the Fireball?

Find your way out of the maze and drop the ball into the water hole!

Dots n Boxes:I vs U Dots n Boxes:I vs U v3

Its Fence Fight Between 'U' and 'I'
Classic dots and Boxes game for phone

Invaders Quest Invaders Quest v1.0.27

Match 2 or more invaders and click on to kill, and you can use two type bomb too.

Deletion Deletion v1

Free puzzle platform game from Russpuppy! Use your brain and reflexes to complete 40 levels of awesomeness. Run from the deletion through levels that defy your usual sense of gravity, time, and logic. Can you survive the Deletion?

Thanks to Eric Skiff ( for the cool 8-bit music!

This app is ad-supported.

Halloween Escape Halloween Escape v1.1

Fun and challenging Halloween puzzle are now available to play.

Do Lines Do Lines v1.0.2

Game about creating color lines!
You can move color balls for getting lines.

Tetrodomo Tetrodomo v0.9.7

Tired of Tetromino Games that are ugly, with ads... etc. Try and enjoy Tetrodomo

Where's My Pair? Where's My Pair? v2.1.9

Where's My Pair? is simple yet addicting pair solving puzzle game. The main objective of this game is to remove all tiles by matching two identical images that connected with up to 3 straight lines before time runs out.

Brainsquare Brainsquare v1.0

Brain2 aka Brainsquare is a simple yet addictive puzzle game to improve your brain.
Link all pins of the same colors with their corresponding square tiles to solve each board.
Combine logic and intuition to beat the levels and achieve mastery.
Challenge yourself and try to win a gold medal by solving the puzzle in a short number of moves and share-it on social networks.

Matching pairs Matching pairs v1.0

In this game you have to match pairs, In usual matching games the player is shown both the boxes he/she tries to match, but in order to make the game a little difficult, if you select to non-similar pair you will not be shown the second one. You can put flags of different colors, to help you remember your guess about the box. Have fun !

True or False Challenge True or False Challenge v1.0

Test your reactions!
Reply to more questions as possible in the shortest time possible!
Challenge your friends on the same with the 2players offline mode and keep your records on the top of the single-player’s rankings.

Halloween Puzzle Free Halloween Puzzle Free v1.0.0

Halloween Puzzle is a unique puzzle game! Challenging levels, nice characters and atmospheric music. Tons of fun for everyone!

UnderwaterMaze UnderwaterMaze v1.1

Rescue all the 10 fish, then find refuge on the anemone to continue to the next level.