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IT Technologies WorldWide Pro. IT Technologies WorldWide Pro. v1.8

This product displays a list of around 375 IT Technologies from around the world.These technologies are divided into 23 various categories.Each tech. has a brief description and a link to the official & complete info. about it.

New Features:
-Hot Skills
-Popularity of Technology
-Market Demand/Capture

World Flags World Flags v1.4.9

Learn flags of world countries with this fun and educational game.

20 random flags are displayed and, one by one you must guess which flag belongs to which country.

Flags of all shapes and sizes, even with birds on them(not angry ones).

Suitable for all ages.

Lotto Results Lotto Results v1.0.1

Quick an easy access to the latest state lottery results in the US. Features include jackpot information and last 10 drawings plus price level/payout information.

To view last 10 drawing, tap on lottery game(row).
To view payout/prize level information, press MENU then select Lottery info.
To change to another state after the first run, press MENU button then select Settings.

Driving Theory Tests Driving Theory Tests v1.0.0

Οι επίσημες ερωτήσεις των εξετάσεων για την απόκτηση άδειας οδήγησης.
The official Greek car driving theory tests.
Официальные вопросы экзаменов для получения прав вождения.
makinë zyrtare greke ngarje test teori.

Truth Or Fail Truth Or Fail v1.0

This Application is to test your smarts there are questions that are easy and hard. Do you know the answer to questions like was Ben Franklin a popular citizen in Pennsylvannia and is the moon broken when we see only part of it and was WillIam Penn a christian? Try this fun quiz and learn new things. puzzle, tests, games, free game, quizz

Behavior Status Behavior Status v2.0.0

Behavior Status is aimed at Parents and Teachers alike. Use it to record the daily behavior of your child or an entire classroom.

CSS Reference CSS Reference v1.0

Complete CSS reference with syntax, examples, browser support, and more.

Coach English Coach English v1.8.0


m-translator m-translator v2.4

Mobile Translator powered by Google Translate word and sentences Log History result translated Can be share via SMS and Email Version 2
This application is brought to you totally free with the help of search monetization. I have opted to use this to be able to keep creating more free apps for you. Please note that with this app you will receive a few search points on your device, all are easily deleted or replaced. Thank you for your understanding.

Coach English Lite Coach English Lite v1.8.0

Lite Version of Coach English. This version has 10 sentences in each verb tense.

Buy a full:

Full version features:

Keep your English updated training with over 500 phrases. Repeat the sentences available in all tenses. Record your results with the time it took you to finish each workout. See wrong and correct answers. Send it to your personal email in a report format.

Where's It Cloudy Where's It Cloudy v1.42

Where's It Cloudy? is an Android app that shows detailed high quality real-time satellite images from the American Weather Satellites. It accesses a powerful cloud computing platform that renders imagery based on your selection of location, what type of imagery you wish to view, and what overlays you want applied. It operates on most Android phones and tablets. It now shows image times in local time as determined by your devices time zone setting.

Truth Tables Truth Tables v3.43

The sole purpose of this program is generating, and displaying, truth tables on mobile devices, notably mobile telephones. It supports both classical logic and several important non-classical systems of logic, and it will accept propositions both in standard infix notation, and in Lukasiewicz's stream-lined, shiny Polish notation.
No animals have been harmed in the making of this application.

Fresh From Web Fresh From Web v1.1

'Fresh From Web' is a free android app for categorized fresh news and related contents from around the web updated regularly. Get the best of the web with great organization and a clean interface.

This is the 'unofficial' app!!!

Web content provided by
Developed by Hex Labs

My Library My Library v1.5

Keep track of the books you own, want to read or buy.

Word-It_Lite Word-It_Lite v1.2

Word-It! is a learning tool aimed for language students and designed on the concept of repeated retrieval. The application works much like a flash card game. Enter your own words. This means that you can use it as a textbook or language website companion indefinitely. The time delay feature will force repeated retrieval throughout the day. Visit

Smart Siddur Smart Siddur v3.9.2

Smart Siddur

Smart Siddur - Sfarad Smart Siddur - Sfarad v1.3.1

Smart Siddur - Sefarad

Lang Trainer French Demo Lang Trainer French Demo v1.26

Are you studying French and need a little help? Do you find French verbs and articles difficult to retain? Then this program is for you. A complete French trainer, with 1000 words divided in 40 categories, over 100 verbs with 9000 conjugations, and a mispelling engine to help you master French writing. The complete program is not time limited and it doesn't have any ads!

Lang Trainer Spanish Demo Lang Trainer Spanish Demo v1.26

Are you studying Spanish and need a little help? Do you find Spanish verbs and articles difficult to retain? Then this program is for you. A complete Spanish trainer, with 1000 words divided in 40 categories, over 300 verbs with 32000 conjugations, and a mispelling engine to help you master Spanish writing. The complete program is not time limited and it doesn't have any ads!

app1593 app1593 v1.0

USM DC 2011 Itinerary