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Pet Wars Pet Wars v1.0.4

Wizard Dogs vs Evil Cyborg Cats + Magic + Weapons + Leveling up = Explosive fun!

Bounce Bounce v1.0.2

Bounce all day long!

Bounce is an HD Graphic Platformer where you will be immersed in stunning environments!

The goal of the game is easy… get your bouncing ball as far as possible. However you will have to maneuver through various worlds and avoid the traps and obstacles found along the way.

The best feature built into Bounce is that you can create your own levels, your own character and share those with the Bounce community!

Tiny Elite Commando Tiny Elite Commando v1.5

fight in order to get to the next level. The aim of the game is to survive as long as possible by fighting the creatures to the next level,

Tilt Ball Tilt Ball v1.8

Test your dexterity & agility. Collect diamonds, avoid spiky enemies.

Move by tilting your device around.

The game uses the accelerometer to control your ball.

Fun and addictive. Enjoy!

Hanuman Return Hanuman Return v1

After the success of Hanuman The ultimate game
here comes Hanuman Return
In the ancient Sanskrit epic Ramayana
When Lakshmana is severely wounded during the battle against Ravana, Hanuman is sent to fetch the Sanjivani,
a powerful life-restoring herb, from Dronagiri mountain in the Himalayas, to revive him

3,2,1 Burst 3,2,1 Burst v1.0

3,2,1 Burst Balloons ! is a fun, addictive and totally free game! Catch the bonus, avoid the prohibited color, chain combos to collect stars and explode records!

Survival Zombies Survival Zombies v1.0

This is a 2D zombie game where you have to shoot the zombies
and survive.

Back to life Back to life v1.0

Back to Life is a platform game based on physics.

The setting is biological / cell and the protagonist is a beneficial cell that needs to revive the dying cells of a tissue .
In each level you will need to bring back to life at least 90 % of the cells , and to do this the player must jump over them or fly over .

OtherLife OtherLife v1.0.24

Other Life game, play all wordls whith all 12 character.

Candy Fallout Candy Fallout v1.0.18

CANDY FALLOUT!! Collect as much candy as you can!! Delicious Android touch game!

Avalanche Avalanche v1.0

Run and jump to avoid an endless avalanche attack. Collect coins, items and get level up as many as you can to compete with friends and other players globally. Help the greedy thief collects coins through day and night without stopping but watch out for the falling rocks and the cute poisonous creatures! they will kill you.

Robo Run Robo Run v1.9.6

The addictive Robo Run is finally available! All your friends will be playing it – can you beat their high scores?!

Angry Killer Ninja Angry Killer Ninja v1.0

Dash your way through countless waves of angry ninjas and slice them up!

Escape Escape v1.15

Traders of the Void returns. Second game from Tabloiti - Team

Let Them Bleed - Free Zombie Game Let Them Bleed - Free Zombie Game v2.0.0.5

Burn, blow up, or just shoot your enemies in Let Them Bleed.

The Roswell Incident The Roswell Incident v1.0

A fast paced action runner game. Easy to play and a great time waster

The Real Heroes The Real Heroes v1.0.3

Try to find out, how is to be a real hero. Be a fireman, policeman or soldier.

Invaders Invaders v1.2

Defend humanity from the ever advancing waves of alien invaders.

AgentPanda AgentPanda v1.01

Try to challenge you in this #1 action packed game, making your best scores.

Gunzy Gunzy v1.3

Get ready to draw your gun and start shooting!!
The beloved browser game is now available on Android for Phones and Tablets!