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OI Notepad OI Notepad v1.1.0

This is a simple note pad that shows a list of notes. It allows you to create, edit, delete, and send notes.

Battery Saver Battery Saver v1.0.4

To save your phone's battery, you need to kill background tasks, adjust screen brightness, turn off wifi, gps, bluetooth, network etc. You need to learn how to save your device's battery.

NoteMaster NoteMaster v1.6

NoteMaster is the best notes app ever because it's just like a regular notepad!
Yes, there are lots of Note taking apps for Android. But this might be the handiest one. It’s just like a regular notepad. You can type anything, and you can draw anything from your finger.

Contacts in a list widget Contacts in a list widget v3.3

This is a simple widget that shows your phone contacts (all, favorites-starred or any other group, including Skype, WhatsApp and Viber contacts) as a scrollable list. You can call or send SMS to any of your contacts (or start a chat for messaging contacts).
To install the widget, select "Contacts in a list widget" from the available widgets list.
For more info see the help page in the application.

List Wizard List Wizard v1.2

ListWizard is designed to help you create and manage more professional and complex lists. Whether it's a checklist, numbered list/bullet list or simple spreadsheet, we got it covered. Great for all kinds of lists(shop list, pack list...), notes, book keeping and documentation. For todo manager, check out Checkmark instead.

Meeting Minder Meeting Minder v1.6

Silences your phone automatically when you have an event scheduled in Google Calendar. Enjoy peace of mind from knowing that your phone will stay quiet during class, meetings, and business lunches.

MeetingMinder is for use with Google Calendar only.

To-Do List Widget To-Do List Widget v2.1

A small & speedy ToDo list home screen widget.

View/edit your lists directly from the home screen. Tick them off when your done.
Choose from 3 different widget sizes.

Photaf Photaf v3.0.9

Pro version with no ads.
Create a 3D panorama easily
by utilizing the camera and the orientation sensor to know the exact angle each picture was taken.

MemoBuzz Task to do MemoBuzz Task to do v1.2

MemoBuzz Task To Do, is a simple personal organizer that gives users the feature to add location based information to their daily activities.

Talking Reminder Pro Talking Reminder Pro v1.0

Set Reminder with your OWN VOICE without giving the TITLE and Description....
Welcome to new World of application named as "TALKING REMINDER", gives you some exciting features...
In our busy life, its happen that some IMPORTANT TASK WILL BE UNDONE.At that time this app will helps you.

autoMinder autoMinder v1.3.0

Now you can manage your fleet of vehicles on the go, more quickly and efficiently than ever before. autoMinder is an app designed to record, manage and consult all information concerning your vehicles, helping you to avoid errors and save money.

This is the FREE version (ads supported).

EzNotepad EzNotepad v0.9.7

It fast, easy, and no fuss.
The note file saved to folder e.g. SD-Card.
Email your notes seamlessly.
Or you can read the note file with other editor.
You can replace text from last searched / selected text.
Autoindented new lines.

With some style applicable :
- Bold
- Italic
- Monospace
- Underline

Claystone: Blueberry Claystone: Blueberry v1.7

The 'Blueberry' theme for Claystone Launcher adds a brighter, more vibrant interface to Claystone's innovative 3D environment. Blueberry redefines numerous aspects of the default app's appearance, including revised graphics for Quick Launch, Facebook, Twitter stacks and more.

Graph Draw Ad Graph Draw Ad v1.0

This app does not aim to be a full-featured graph drawing app. What this app provides is a quick way to visualize your series of numeric data in a line chart. This is useful when sometimes you just want a graph representation of your numeric data like say your bets statistics etc. Able to save it as an image for viewing later etc.

Note Note v4.2100.01

Memorize and capture every wonderful moments in your life!

URL to PDF Converter URL to PDF Converter v3.0

URL to PDF Converter saves webpages to your mobile device, tablet or Dropbox.

Time Tracker Time Tracker v3.0.1

Time tracker keeps track of the time you spend on any task. Find out where has your time gone.

Request new feature here:

Spacedraw Spacedraw v1.3.3

full-featured 3d-modeling software
designed for tablets and smartphones

new ways of viewing, drawing and modeling

• drawing / constructing lines, curves and primitives
• polygon- and patch-modeling
• lighting, materials, texture mapping
• 3d-painting

efficient and intuitive use of multi-touch and motion-sensors throughout

adapts to almost any Android-device, highly configurable

aimed at both professionals and novices

Jet Scanner Lite Jet Scanner Lite v3.00.13

Mobile tool to convert any image to PDF and share

Jet Scanner Jet Scanner v3.00.14

Mobile tool to convert any image to PDF and share