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ODMO is an easy to learn but challenging and tricky 3D puzzle game.

ODMO Lite ODMO Lite v1.1

ODMO is an easy to learn but challenging and tricky 3D puzzle game.

Legor 9 Legor 9 v5

Legor is back with 40 new levels and new shapes to play with! Go for highscores!

Mine Sweeper Mine Sweeper v1.6

Minesweeper (Mines) is a single-player logic and strategy game.

Matchstick Formula Matchstick Formula v1.4.0

Challenging childhood difficult puzzles! 4800 puzzles in total!

Cave In puzzle Cave In puzzle v1.2.0

Help the girl out in a labyrinth cannot go back!

Sapper Maze Sapper Maze v1.2

Bring the sapper out of booby traps maze

SafeBox SafeBox v1.13

You must add, subtract and memorize. Only with your brain you will be able to crack the code of the five safe boxes that make the game. Hurry up!, Time is running out ...

TaiChi Chart TaiChi Chart v1.2

Untie the entangled with wisdom, exercise the brain!

Pirate's Trick Pirate's Trick v1.3

The secret of an ancient math puzzle! Boosting brain power!

PhoneHateRectangle PhoneHateRectangle v1.0.1

Challenge puzzle game easy to understand difficult to solve! > 480 puzzles!

LongBox LongBox v1.0.1

Challenge the limit of spatial thinking!

Laser Lab Laser Lab v1.2

Challenges logical and spatial thinking, shining light of wisdom!

Rainbow Bridge Rainbow Bridge v1.1

Build a rainbow path use wisdom!

Space Station Escape Space Station Escape v1.1.1

Help the astronaut! 3D labyrinth puzzle game!

Boom Ball Boom Ball v1.0

Boom Ball puzzle game match three in a new three-dimensional format

Easter Game Easter Game v1

Have a nice time playing our newest puzzle Easter Game that comes with a new and original gameplay, 2 game modes and lots of fun for the whole family!
The game is 100% free and does not contain any In-App purchases! Go for highscores!

Puzzle139game Puzzle139game v1.3

do you know how to add!
Here's 139 for you!

Cob Web Cob Web v1.2

A puzzle game untie the rings from twine.

Snow Lock Snow Lock v1.3.1

This is a hard game! Melt her heart using brain!