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SportyPal SportyPal v1.7.6

SportyPal helps you improve your running, cycling, roller-blading, skiing or any other outdoor workout activities.
- It logs your position, shows it on map, speed, distance, tempo, pace, altitude and calories burned.
- Draws elegant graphics charts of your performance.
- Facebook/Twitter easy share.
- Compete and share with FRIENDS worldwide.
- Set up GOALS
- Voice notification
- Great community with web integration
- Nice and easy UI

Oriental Sleep Oriental Sleep v1.3

Sleep and relax to the sounds of the Orient

Mobile Maternity Mobile Maternity v1.0

Are you expecting? Expect the best with Mobile Maternity, the DMC baby app from DMC Huron Valley-Sinai Hospital. Mobile Maternity is for moms-to-be who are on the go and want to be well prepared for every stage of pregnancy. From health tips to tracking tools, Mobile Maternity is here to help you and your baby have a happy and healthy experience.

White Noise White Noise v1.0

Do you want to sleep (you or your baby) in just a few minutes?
Are you tired, stressed and cannot concentrate?
Then listen to soothing sounds of rain, ocean waves or white noise sounds like an airplane, fan or static sounds and you will fall asleep relaxed in just a few minutes.

BG Diary 2.7 BG Diary 2.7 v3.0

Turn your Android phone to a personal blood glucose monitoring machine.

Quitting Quitting v1.0

Quitting is designed for smoking quitters. Gives you something to do while not smoking, directing your attention on the healing of your lungs.

Health Now Health Now v3.5

The latest news from the National Institutes of Health.

Diseases Dictionary (Free) Diseases Dictionary (Free) v1.1

The best dictionary of medical terms in your pocket!

4Fitting fitness and diet 4Fitting fitness and diet v1.0.1

All in one Fitness app completely customizable (workout, diet and measures)

Android-BMI Android-BMI v2.3.1

BMI calculator for different people with list and chart view

Maths Ninja ! Maths Ninja ! v1.0.3

This is a game to improve your mental arithmetics and calculus (your children also can!) but having fun at the same time.

Nutri Planner Nutri Planner v1.0

If you want to own a perfect body then this application is for you.
Include diet plan to reduce and gain weight.
Also available in French.

Daltonism Test Daltonism Test v1.2

Color Blindness Test

Renk Körlüğü Testi

AL 2013 AL 2013 v13.6.1

Tarif for Swiss medical Laboratories. (D/F/I)

EyeBerry EyeBerry v1.5

This program is intended for vision care and sight improvement.
It assists in reducing refractive errors such as shortsightedness, farsightedness and color blindness. It helps in eye accommodation recovery, in improvement of night and peripheral vision at the expense of carefully chosen exercises for the eyes, including methods of Norbekov and Bates.

Rugby League Live Rugby League Live v2.12

Live NRL scores and news for your mobile.

* Live stats
* Twitter News
* Video News
* Team and Player Stats
* Player Injuries
* Too many to mention

BMI Calculator BMI Calculator v1.0.8

BMI is a BODY MASS INDEX calculator, it tells the body fitness ( Normal, under weight or overweight ) based on your weight and height calculation, try it and check your FITNESS today.
Application has non English language support

Boiled Egg Timer Boiled Egg Timer v1.0

Boiled Egg Timer that measure your cooking time

MyCurves MyCurves v2.1

Track your weight, your BMI and discover your ideal weight with MyCurves!