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Chinese Business Etiquette and Culture Chinese Business Etiquette and Culture v1.0

This book introduces the basics of Chinese culture. You will discover how to initiate contact, what to expect in meetings, and how to behave there.

Chinese Folklore Tales Chinese Folklore Tales v1.0

Taoism, Confucianism and Buddhism have been major influences on Chinese folklore tales.

Chinese Prophecy Chinese Prophecy v1.1.2

Please be informed this application includes Ads SDK, which needs to create shortcuts permission.

Chinese Prophecy

Tui bei tu (in Simplified: 推背图; Traditional: 推背圖.

CHM Reader X CHM Reader X v1.2.110702

Lightweight Yet Faster CHM reader

Choices and Illusions Choices and Illusions v1.0

This fascinating book holds an important key. Whether you’re interested in the science of thinking...

Clairvoyance and Occult Powers Clairvoyance and Occult Powers v1.0

There is in every human being a sense which is not generally recognized as such, although nearly every person has had more or less experience regarding its workings.

Clippings Clippings v20006

قصاصات متناثرة
تتلاعب بها الرياح
لكنها تبقى في الذاكرة
Clippings scattered
Manipulated by wind
But they remain in memory

Clotel: Or, the Presidents Daughter Clotel: Or, the Presidents Daughter v1.0

William Wells Brown's Clotel or, The President's Daughter is often considered the first novel.

cloudbook cloudbook v2.07

เด็กๆ ลองมองก้อนเมฆบนท้องฟ้า จะเห็นว่าก้อนเมฆมีรูปร่างและขนาดแตกต่างกัน ก้อนเมฆเปลี่ยนรูปร่างเหมือนกับการแปลงร่างได้ มาทายกันซิว่าก้อนเมฆต่างๆ เป็นรูปอะไรบ้าง ใครตอบได้ให้รีบยกมือ!

แอพลิเคชันก้อนเมฆนี้สร้างจากหนังสือเด็กเรื่อง “ก้อนเมฆช่างคิด” ของสำนักพิมพ์ก้อนเมฆ โดยมีความมุ่งหมายให้เด็กได้ฝึกความคิดสร้างสรรค์ ความจำ และทักษะการเชื่อมโยงความหมายของรูปภาพกับคำศัพท์ ทั้งภาษาไทย และภาษาอังกฤษ

CO Motorcycle Operators Manual CO Motorcycle Operators Manual v5.0

Don't settle for low resolution image scans of the official Colorado Motorcycle Operator's Handbook. This application allows you to study the handbook in a straight-forward, text-based format. Scroll through the entire handbook or choose one of sixteen sections, your choice.

Color books-Animal articles Color books-Animal articles v1.0.4

Baby Color Books - Creatures

Color books-Climate Articles Color books-Climate Articles v1.0.3

Colour Card / children color books - articles - baby visual stimulation climate

Color books-Flower Articles Color books-Flower Articles v1.0.3

Colour Card / Color books - articles - baby visual stimulation flowers

Color books-Traffic Articles Color books-Traffic Articles v1.0.3

Baby Color books-Traffic

Common Sense: How to Exercise It Common Sense: How to Exercise It v1.0

When Thomas Paine first anonymously published his series of pamphlets titles Common Sense.

Confessions of an English Opium-Eater: Being an Extract from the Life of a Scholar Confessions of an English Opium-Eater: Being an Extract from the Life of a Scholar v1.0

I have often been asked how I first came to be a regular opium-eater, and have suffered.

Consider Her Ways Consider Her Ways v1.0

An amateur scientist encounters a group of travelling South American ants.

Considerations on Representative Government Considerations on Representative Government v1.0

John Stuart Mill used Considerations on Representative Government to call for reforms to Parliament and voting,

Contract with the World Contract with the World v2.0

In Contract with the World, the setting is Vancouver, and the time is the mid-1970s.

Conversation: What to Say and How to Say It Conversation: What to Say and How to Say It v1.0

The aim and design of conversation is, therefore, pleasure.