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Christmas Frenzy Christmas Frenzy v2

Christmas Frenzy is a nice Christmas puzzle game in which you must collect as many gifts as you can in the 90-second time limit!

Christmas Rush Christmas Rush v1.0.3

Christmas rush is a nice match3 puzzle game with a Christmas theme and 2 game modes!

Christmas Stickers Christmas Stickers v2

Christmas Stickers is a new Christmas game with 3 game modes and lots of fun for the whole family! Can you make it into TOP20?

Christmas Pairs Christmas Pairs v1.0

Free classic card matching game, test and improve your memory!
Give your brain a concentration boost and expand your memory.
Memory Matches is fun and educational, great for any age both adult and children.

Enjoy Christmas spirit and train your memory.
If you like puzzles, mind, brain and memory training games this is a must have.
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Chroma Link Chroma Link v1.1

Create a Chroma Link

Chuck Pebble Chuck Pebble v1.0

Chuck Pebble is a puzzle game with a simple game play to make all pebbles into same color.

Chukki Chukki v1.0

Chukki is a classic pen and paper game now on your phone!
Play against your friends.
Compete and Beat your friends.

Chukki has lots of exciting features:
* Upto 4 players can play at a time
* Adjustable Grid Sizes.
* Give name to players.
* Mute and Unmute sound.
* Move to SD Card support.

Clashed Eyes Geometry Clashed Eyes Geometry v1.5

How good is your eye accuracy? Find it out by playing this fascinating game.

Classic Color Lines Classic Color Lines v2.3.20

Classic Color Lines is one of the most interesting classic games.

Classic Cuboid Classic Cuboid v1.0.1

This is a brain puzzle game. On a given board with starting and finishing positions, the aim is to put the cuboid to the finishing position vertically so that it can move to next level. The strategy requires to finish the level in minimum number of steps.
Cuboid Movement : Slide & Proximity

Clear All Clear All v1.2

This is a very simple and fun game. Try it!

Clear Colors Clear Colors v2.6

It's all about colors.

Find and remove as many pairs of colors as possible in standard or endless mode.


Clear the Zombies! Clear the Zombies! v0.0.67

Fight your way through mobs of zombies in this evolving puzzle/strategy game. Rescue and collect a variety of characters, acquire unique abilities and most importantly...
kill some friggin zombies!

ClickOMania ClickOMania v1.60

The classic block game clickomania now more addictive than ever.
All variations of the game are included:

  • Retro click-o-mania
  • Bombs, rocks, sliders, even halelujah bombs and switchers
  • Jewel mode (semi-infinite gameplay)
  • Many levels from easy to insane difficutly

and it is free.

Climbing ivy Climbing ivy v1.02

Climbing Ivy - an unusual logic game with unique gameplay!

Cloud Cloud v1.5.0

Awesome adventure game with beautiful colored levels full of adventures

Cloud PREMIUM Cloud PREMIUM v1.5.1

Awesome adventure game with beautiful colored levels full of adventures

Cob Web Cob Web v1.2

A puzzle game untie the rings from twine.

Cognitive Quest Cognitive Quest v1.1.6

The game with RPG elements to train, challenge and improve your cognitive skills

Colis Colis v1.0.3

Colis - funny puzzle game!