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Chocolate Theme for Fancy QR Code Maker Chocolate Theme for Fancy QR Code Maker v1.0.1

Chocolate Theme for Fancy QR Code Maker

Ring Maker Ring Maker v1.8

Record your own ringtones, for free!

Make ringtones from any sound. Ring Maker enables you to record and save any sound and set it as you phones ringtone.

Or choose from over 100 free ringtones included.

Live Wallpaper Maker Live Wallpaper Maker v3.0.1

Get fancy mobile phone by creating your own Live Wallpaper!!

Here is “Live Wallpaper Maker®”. With “Live Wallpaper Maker®”, you can make your phone gorgeous. Live Wallpaper Maker provides you the power to customize your wallpaper by video clips, animated pictures (.gif), images, pretty items, and nice words.

Either, Or? U Pick! Either, Or? U Pick! v1.0

An excellent iPhone app filled with would you rather questions that will leave you absolutely speechless! If you consider yourself a quick decision maker, this app is app-solutely perfect for you because it will give you difficult choices that you might eventually need to make in real life! What would you prefer? A year lost in Canada OR Running 150 miles in death valley Shark bites off your arm

Demotivators Maker Demotivators Maker v1.0

Demotivators Maker allows you to create a variety of motivators and demotivators of any images that you can put in facebook or send MMS messages to your friends.

(Lite) Decision makers 3D N in 1 (Lite) Decision makers 3D N in 1 v1.1

Set of decision makers in your pocket. To get advice just touch and roll selected decision cube to the direction you like.
Lite version has General, Manager and Baby gender (what if today) decision makers.
Full one adds Todays activity, HR, Trader and no ads.

Note:remember that it is just a toy.

QRMaker QRMaker v2.0

QRCodeMaker is a help users to produce their own QR Code mobile phone tools

Notification Ringtone Maker Notification Ringtone Maker v1.1.0

Edit and create all the notification sounds and ringtones for your android device, and your messaging programs and favorite social networks, text to voice, voice changer or from your own music, enjoy it!

decision-maker decision-maker v0.5

decision-make is an app that can make some decisions. :)

Punk Machine Free Punk Machine Free v1.0.4

punk machine is a cool punk band sound maker!
contains 6 drum Rhythms and 16 guitar Chords!
Make your phone become a punk guitar!

Career Igniter Resume Builder Career Igniter Resume Builder v1.1

Create a resume the easy way on your Android smartphone

Rage Maker Rage Maker v1.5.5

Create rage comics and other simple comics on your Android phone with ease.

Balloon Maker Balloon Maker v1.0.5

Use your touch screen to inflate colored balloons.
Tap and hold to blow up balloons -- they'll pop if they are too big!
- Tablet is supported
- Multi touch is supported

Slideshow Maker Live Wallpaper Slideshow Maker Live Wallpaper v1.0.2

Create your own custom slideshow live wallpaper by selecting photos from your phone Gallery.

Red Tattoo Maker Red Tattoo Maker v1.1

Red Tattoo Maker App let You try new tattoo designs, without any pain! Save the image and show your friends your new tattoo, Share on Facebook.

a Pocket Board + Decision Maker + Dice a Pocket Board + Decision Maker + Dice v1.20

The ONLY app that AUTOMATICALLY enlarges your text messages to fill the screen. It's an easy way to communicate visually when voice is not an option. PLUS just one click and you can turn your note to any kind of DECISION MAKER, DICE, adviser, predictor, Magic 8 Ball, bet utilities (e.g. sport), dice and etc.. Simply select [work as decision maker] when edit any of your text notes. Plus you have your personalized billboard banner.

Stock Profit Maker Free Stock Profit Maker Free v3.6

Now with probability, test your Stock performance Past or Present and over any Timeframe.

Rock Paper Scissors Rock Paper Scissors v1.1

Super RPS brings the all-time favorite decision-maker to your Android device. Play against the computer or challenge a friend via Bluetooth next time you need to decide who is getting the next round of drinks.

Karaoke Maker ♩♪♬ Karaoke Maker ♩♪♬ v1.1

Create your own karaoke, your songs, your style

- Import audio files of different audio formats, e.g. mp3-files, etc
- Use the import wizard to import of audio files
- Synchronize lyrics with the music
- Change background
- Change font
- Sing along with friends and family

Note: An Android file browser is needed to import audio files to the app

Princess Cinderella's Shoe Maker Princess Cinderella's Shoe Maker v1.0.7

Dare to become the most amazing Shoe Maker for Princess Cinderella!