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Electricity Calculator Electricity Calculator v1.0.1

Find out how much electricity you are using and how much it is actually costing you!

This app will walk you through using your electric meter, or the wattage on your appliance to determine how much electricity you are using. Based on the cost per kWh, you can find out how much it costs per day, month or year!

2 Stroke Gas Oil Mix 2 Stroke Gas Oil Mix v1.2

This calculator determines the exact quantity of oil required for a given ratio of gas and oil suggested by the manufacturer of the 2 stroke/cycle engine. That calculated number is determined from the amount of gas available for the mixture.

Calculator Calculator v1.0

Advanced calculator with help.

NanoBulletin NanoBulletin v1.0

A course management app for the students of East West University, Dhaka, Bangladesh.

Quick Quadratics Quick Quadratics v1.2

This app will calculate the solutions to a quadratic equation in standard form.

Algebra Calculator Algebra Calculator v1.1

Algebra Calculator makes completing homework easy for students and grading homework easy for teachers!

VAT VAT v1.5

Simplify your VAT calculations

FreebaseRT FreebaseRT v1.0

Use this tool to search the open community database Freebase for articles.

Aperico Options Calculator Aperico Options Calculator v1.0

Advanced options calculator. Quickly get value, greeks and implied volatillity. Calculate the value and greeks (Delta, Gamma, Vega, Theta, Rho) of any European or American style option. Get the implied volatillity for any American or European style option given it's settlement price. Select between using the Black Scholes formula or a numerical binomial tree method.

Calculator Calculator v1.0

Simple and Easy to use scientific calculator for Android tablet. Use it once and you will never use any other calculator on any other device ever.

Equation Solver Equation Solver v1.0

This application will help you solve the following types of equations :-
1. Linear equations in two variables.
2. Quadratic equations with complex roots.
3. Cubic equations and shows all three roots (including complex roots).

Also, an expression evaluator is included in which you can input expression and evaluate with the desired number of variables. It is equivalent to a scientific calculator.

Time Of Death Time Of Death vbecki

The Time of Death calculator is not one of those "when will/how will you die" bits of fun, but is based on the Henssge nomograms for the calculation of when a person dies

ConvertPro+ All Converter FREE ConvertPro+ All Converter FREE v1.4.1

From basic measurement, discount calculator, tip computation and currency exchange rate to complex science conversions.
Your free powerful most complete unit converter and computation app for your everyday use, quick and easy with clean interface.

CstcCal CstcCal v1.0

Basic Electronics Calculator from simple formula in thai electronics book.

VJTI Pointer Calci VJTI Pointer Calci v1.0

A simple user friendly application for all VJTI students to calculate their pointers

Calculate Capacitor Calculate Capacitor v1.5.5

Calculate Capacitor will help you determinate capacitance values.

Trigonometry Calculator Trigonometry Calculator v2.0

Calculate various properties of Trigonometry using this simple utility tool.

Area Calculator Area Calculator v2.0

Calculate various properties of Area related values using this utility tool.

Master Algebra Lite Master Algebra Lite v1.3

This is for high school/college students learning algebra.It has tutorials,practice algebra skills,practice timed test & algebra challenge to compete with other genius around the world.It covers number,ratio & proportion,exponent & radical,polynomial,linear equation,quadratic equation,rational expression,inequality.
Lite version contains 210 practice questions.

Math Fundamentals Lite Math Fundamentals Lite v1.3

Practice math fundamentals for kids Grade 2 to Grade 8.It has tutorials,practice math skills,practice timed test,math challenge.
It covers all the math fundamentals skills like addition,subtraction,multiplication,division,order of operation,LCM & GCF,Time,fraction,decimal & percentage.