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Poker Calculator Poker Calculator v1.29

Poker Calculator is a free Texas Hold'em Poker Odds Calculator. It can calculate winning probabilities (so called poker odds) for given community cards and player hands in Texas Holdem Poker.

Loaded Dice Calculator Loaded Dice Calculator v1.0

Einstein's loaded dice calculator

Name Match 2012 Name Match 2012 v1.2

Calculate whether two people fit together based on first names. Based on an ancient Scandinavian love formula. This can be used to cross check the class lists as well as employee lists :)

FlashCalc FlashCalc v2.0a

Flash mental calculation
Brain training program

Math Bombs Math Bombs v1.3.1

A game to test your mathematical skill. Detonate math bombs before they arrive.

CalcMaster2 CalcMaster2 v2.00

100 Sums for brain training
Brain training.
Mental calculation game.
Calculate 100 Sums quickly!

TrexScorePro TrexScorePro v1.0

This is a score calculator for the Trex or Trix game. It helps save you time (and paper) by keeping track of the score. This version does not have ads and supports scoring in teams mode and individual mode

Brain Training: Evolution Brain Training: Evolution v1.0.0

This application provide you 5 levels for brain training

Complete GPA Calculator Complete GPA Calculator v1.0

Easy GPA caluclator!!!

Calculate the Squares Calculate the Squares v1.0.5

Calculate the Squares is the addicting math puzzle game that will test your math skills and luck in a math solving frenzy!
It's very simple to play the game: you must clear the squares who have the same math result, for example: 3+2 and 1+4 or 4x2 and 5+3

Player Value Calculator Player Value Calculator v1.2

Exclusive player value calculator for the members of the Black Hand Organization of the game Goal Line Blitz.

ReactionCalculator ReactionCalculator v1.7.1

Test your reaction using this simple application. Once you start you will have to be quick to press the green button to find out your reaction time!!

Speed Tapper Calculator Lite Speed Tapper Calculator Lite v1.3.1

Speed Tap Lite app to test how fast you can tap!
Tap away for up to thirty seconds to find out your score. Post it on the global leaderboards to find out how well you've done!

My Lucky Lotto Calculator My Lucky Lotto Calculator v1.0

The app is using an old Scandinavian success formula to generate numbers for the lottery. The app can not guarantee winning numbers, but who knows, maybe you get a little closer. A fun app that might bring you closer to happiness's. Good luck:)

TrexScore TrexScore v2.0

This is a score calculator for the Trex or Trix game. It helps save you time (and paper) by keeping track of the score. This is an add-supported version.

THCalc THCalc v3.0.0.2

Texas Hold`em Poker Calculator. Calculates wining probabilities and hole cards rank for any entered hole,flop,turn,river cards and number of players. Provides analysis and advices for practically best play. High accuracy. Very good instrument for new and professional poker players. Has "autoenter" option. Carefully optimized for Android phones.
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Number Pow! Number Pow! v1.0.5

A fast paced game of numbers and maths. The aim of the game is to reach a target number using the supplied numbers and operators in successive quick calculations!

BumpBump BumpBump v1.1

Funny game with touch item to destroy and combine to get points.

Egg Attack Egg Attack v103

Egg Attack is a great simple challenging game. You have to calculate the time it will take for the egg to hit the ground and also calculate the velocity of your chosen moving target. Not only that you have to judge the distance of the throw by the amount of time you hold the egg down! Its a great challenge and will keep you occupied for hours on end. A must download for anyone wishing to pass 5 minutes waiting for a bus or out on a lunch break. Download it now - Its FREE!

Math Monsters Math Monsters v1.0.7

Do you still think the mathematics is difficult?
The most widely-used math formulas in practical life are addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.

With this game-based learning, you can speed up your mathematical calculation.
Are you bad at mental arithmetic or mathematical calculations? Improve it by playing the game!