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Tip Calculator Tip Calculator v1.1

Easy to use tip calculator.

Advanced Tip Calculator Advanced Tip Calculator v1.0.1

Advanced Tip Calculator is a free app to make the tip calculation easy. In addition to tip splitting and rounding features that many other tip calculators have, it also has saving as history and email feature, making it a perfect app to keep track of all dinning expenses. The user interface is very simple and easy to use.

aPriceCalc aPriceCalc v1.0.0

A discount, tax and tip calculator all in one...

AutoSafe Drinking AutoSafe Drinking v2.0.1

Autosafe Drinking is a blood alcohol content (BAC) estimator which will help you not getting any sanctions or help you stay out of jail in more then 74 countryes.

Birthday Expense Calculator Birthday Expense Calculator v1.20.0

It maybe annoying while calculating how much each person has to pay at the end of a birthday party.
Birthday Expense Calculator can help you easily and quickly calculate the amount everyone need to pay for

Vealbe Vealbe v1.0

Small funny program for beverages

Discount Calculator Discount Calculator v1.20

Have you ever wonder how much something will cost after the discount?
This discount calculator will do it for you.

Sleep Time Calculator Sleep Time Calculator v1.0

This is a beta app which calculates and sets alarms based on sleep cycle times.

Kitchen Calculator Kitchen Calculator v1.1

KitchenCalc: elegant, simple.

The recipe feeds four, and takes 1/2 teaspoon of salt, but you have ten people coming! KitchenCalc can tell you just how much to use in a few quick touches.

Tipped Off Tipped Off v3.2.1

Tipped Off is a free, easy to use tip calculator. You can use it to figure out your tip using any percentage and split it between up to 10 people. Also, Tipped Off has a built in reference guide that will help you figure out the correct tip in a wide variety of situations, from your hair dresser to a tour guide.

DPI DPI v3.1.2

DPI is a Dick Proportionality Index calculator. You enter your height, weight, and penis length, and it calculates whether you are proportionately big, small, or just right.

Everyone is "average". But does that average hold up to your body size?
Whats your DPI?

The Rig It! feature is a great prank! Use it on your friends to trick them into thinking they are ridiculously small! A sure laugh!*

*Use responsibly: High risk of demoralizing effects.

Love Guru Love Guru v1.0

Love Guru
(with Cheat Mode)

*Calculate compatibility based on name, date of birth, zodiac signs!
*Or use CHEAT MODE to show the percentage and remarks set by you, without letting your partner know!
*Also get to know about different zodiac personalities.
*100% free of cost.
*Very light, does not require networking or any other permissions.

Biorhythms Biorhythms v1.2.1

The program calculates personal biorhythms predictions for the selected date for each user, has an easy user interface, allows determine the most dangerous days in the month and makes biorhythm calculations with high accuracy.

SleepTime SleepTime v1.2

SleepTime Ultimate, Better sleep for everyone with the ultimate bedtime calculator.

AndCurrency AndCurrency v1.2

This is a simple converter from one currency to another and may use actual data from several different locations ( like European Central Bank, Bulgarian National Bank ).

Numerology Name Numerology Name v1.0.6

Do you know your NAME contains energy that affect people around you.
A GOOD Name match with your Date of Birth will help you to strengthen your weakness.

Find out the POWER OF YOUR NAME and how it reflect to others.

Nodui Nodui v1.0

Know your limit with this app.No DUI uses the standard blood alcohol formula to calculate whether or not you are over the limit.Think about it: pay $.99 for No DUI app or pay over $1000.00 dollars for a DUI fine. These days, it pays to play it safe. Get No DUI!!!

Numerology Energy Numerology Energy v2.5

Feeling lost direction in your life? Need a real GUIDE to help you to understand yourself or your spouse? Still stuck in your mundane life, Financially, Love relationship?

Everything lies on your Date of Birth. By understanding yourself more and DEEP, you could actually UNLEASH YOUR OWN POTENTIALS.

Biorhythmus Biorhythmus v20100329

calculate yout biologic rhythmus with this tool

Budget Droid Budget Droid v1.2.3

Manage and maintain your budget with this easy to customize application.