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All-n-One Calculator All-n-One Calculator v1.6

* 1.5 Update *

All -n- Calculator is not just another calculator app but is a collection of useful calculators. It consists of a tip calculator, mortgage calculator, auto loan calculator, sales calculator, basic calculator and a conversion calculator that converts the more common units of measure.

Tip Calculator Tip Calculator v1.0

Simple and smart Tip Calculator.
Calculate tip easily. Also calculates tip shared between several people.

SSK Coil Calculator SSK Coil Calculator v4.0

SSK Coil Calculator is Best Calculator For Coil Centre Factory

Genius Calculator Genius Calculator v2.1.5

A scientific calculator with unit converter and calculations log.

Steampunk calculator Steampunk calculator v1.0

Steampunk Calculator if the perfect calculator for your steampunk themed phone. See the calculator gears spin and steam vents blast as you use this calculator. Nothing is missing on this calculator. Every button in steampunk calculator moves. Every gear turns. Steampunk Calculator is a completely animated calculator that looks great and sounds even better. Try out Steampunk Calculator and you will never use any other calculator!

TipCalculator TipCalculator v1.0

* Calculate tips and split bills quickly & easily with Tip Calculator!

* Calculate tip and split the bill with Tip Calculator - the ultimate tip calculator!

* This tip calculator not only calculates tip quickly and easily but also helps to split the bill between any number of people.

* Specify your own custom tip percent

* Enter a value on the tip calculator and see changes to the tip percentage, tip amount, total amount and

amount payable per person.

Calculator Calculator v2.1

This application is a Multi-purpose calculator application. Contain options for calculating area, Volume, interest, EMI, etc.. Also this application includes a scientific calculator.

Ads Calculator Ads Calculator v1.0.3

Ads CPM and CPC Calculator is the FIRST advertising calculator that lets you compute eCPC, eCPM, conversion rate, CTR, cost per conversion and campaign cost. You will never need to do tedious hand calculations again.

Easy Financial Calculator Easy Financial Calculator v1.3.3

Calculate tip amounts, discounts and savings and pay off schemes easily.

EasyTipCalculator EasyTipCalculator v1.3.2

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Easy Tip Calculator is an easy to use tip calculator. It displays the tip amount per person and the total due per person including the tip.

Tip Calculator Tip Calculator v1.3

Simple tip calculator that allows you to split the bill by any number of people.

Tip Calculator Tip Calculator v1.0

A handy tip calculator!

Smart Calculator Smart Calculator v1.1

A very Smart Calculator for Smart People

Floating Calculator Floating Calculator v1.0.9

Floating calculator is a simple and elegant calculator app, floating at the front of your screen.

Floating Calculator places a floating bubble on your screen. Just click on the bubble to open the calculator.
You can freely move the calculator bubble, and toss it around the screen.

Floating Calculator gives you a simple and elegant multitasking solution available at the front of your screen.
You don't need to switch back and forth between apps to use the calculator.

Talking Calc Talking Calc v1.0

Simple Talking Calculator, with digit grouping, and percentages. It says What it Means

Resale Calculator Resale Calculator v1.0

All the calculations needed to maximize profit.

Machinist Dovetail Slide Machinist Dovetail Slide v1.0

This is a calculator to perform the calculations necessary to find the measurements across and between Dovetail slides.

Sales Discount Calculator Sales Discount Calculator v1.1.1

Calculates your total purchase, including shipping, tax and discounts on all items in your checkout in any currency

AER Calculator AER Calculator v1.0

Calculates the rate of compound interest for given details of mortgages and amortised loans

Matrixcalculatorfree Matrixcalculatorfree v1.0

A free Matrix calculator that can do the operations of add, subtract, multiply, transpose, inverse, and determinant on matrices of dimensions up to 3x3