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Budget Calculator Budget Calculator v2.0

Calculate various properties of Budget using this simple utility tool.

Weather Calculator Weather Calculator v2.0

Calculate & track weather related calculations at one place.

Calculator Calculator v1.2.1

A simple, beautiful calculator with added functionality. This is a full featured calculator. A calculator with all the functions of a scientific calculator. A calculator app with no ads. This is a 2 in 1 calculator.

Flooring Calculator PRO Flooring Calculator PRO v1.0.1

Flooring Calculator helps flooring contractors quickly estimate flooring materials & prices.

MLH Easy Tip Calculator MLH Easy Tip Calculator v1.0

A very easy to use tip calculator. Automatically calculates as you are entering information, no button to push.

PaceSetter PaceSetter v1.2

Quick and easy Pace Calculator. PaceSetter is a simple calculator to help you calculate the pace needed to go a certain distance in a chosen time.

Tip calculator Tip calculator v1.0

Need to quickly calculate a tip? Tip Calculator takes care of it!
Big font makes it easy to read the amount to be paid even after the alcohol:)

Tax Calculator Tax Calculator v2.0

Calculate various properties of Tax related values using this utility tool.

Complex Calculator Complex Calculator v1.0.1

Complex Number Calculator

Easy Tip Calculator Easy Tip Calculator v1.0

Tip calculator, easy to use.

Analytical Calculator Analytical Calculator v2.0

Calculate various properties of Analytical using this simple utility tool.

Percent Calculator+ Percent Calculator+ v1.4.3

A simple and easy to use percentage calculator. Features include calculate percentage, calculate discount, calculate increment, calculate before discount, calculate before increment, calculate percent of and calculate percent change.

Calculator Calculator v1.1

Simple calculator to perform basic math operations

CoolCalc-Pink/Water CoolCalc-Pink/Water v3.0

A cool Pink Calculator

CoolCalc-Pink/Wood CoolCalc-Pink/Wood v3.0

A cool Pink calculator

iCalculators iCalculators v1.0

iCalculators is an ultimate collection of tools(calculators) that makes our lives easier.




Numeral System Calculator

Tip Calculator

Technical-Calculator Technical-Calculator v1.1

A excellent tool for all the technicians . You make fast a lot of calculations you gain time and more money. Get it now with only $0.50
* Calculate Voltage Drop in Single phase and 3 phase systems.Choose the correct size cable.
* Calculate True, Apparent and Reactive power.
* Calculate Power Factor (Cosφ).
* Calculate Power Factor correction.
* Calculate how many BTUs you need to cool your room.
* Ability to change language

Mechanical Calculator Mechanical Calculator v2.0

Calculate various properties of Mechanical using this simple utility tool.

FrequencyDetector FrequencyDetector v1.5

simple application to calculate frequency

BetCalculator BetCalculator v1.0

A simple to use Bet Calculator 8 in 1.
Trading calculator, calculat surebets (arbitrage bets calculator), change from back to lay odds and vice versa, change from EU (decimal odds) to UK (fractional) Odds and and vice versa, change from US / Amercia odds (Moneyline) to EU odds and vice versa, dutch calculator, check value, calculate fair odds and this all in one app!