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Tip Calculator Tip Calculator v1.3

Simple tip calculator that allows you to split the bill by any number of people.

Tip Calculator Tip Calculator v1.0

A handy tip calculator!

MLH Easy Tip Calculator MLH Easy Tip Calculator v1.0

A very easy to use tip calculator. Automatically calculates as you are entering information, no button to push.

Smart Calculator Smart Calculator v1.1

A very Smart Calculator for Smart People

Floating Calculator Floating Calculator v1.0.9

Floating calculator is a simple and elegant calculator app, floating at the front of your screen.

Floating Calculator places a floating bubble on your screen. Just click on the bubble to open the calculator.
You can freely move the calculator bubble, and toss it around the screen.

Floating Calculator gives you a simple and elegant multitasking solution available at the front of your screen.
You don't need to switch back and forth between apps to use the calculator.

Talking Calc Talking Calc v1.0

Simple Talking Calculator, with digit grouping, and percentages. It says What it Means

Resale Calculator Resale Calculator v1.0

All the calculations needed to maximize profit.

PaceSetter PaceSetter v1.2

Quick and easy Pace Calculator. PaceSetter is a simple calculator to help you calculate the pace needed to go a certain distance in a chosen time.

Machinist Dovetail Slide Machinist Dovetail Slide v1.0

This is a calculator to perform the calculations necessary to find the measurements across and between Dovetail slides.

Sales Discount Calculator Sales Discount Calculator v1.1.1

Calculates your total purchase, including shipping, tax and discounts on all items in your checkout in any currency

Tip calculator Tip calculator v1.0

Need to quickly calculate a tip? Tip Calculator takes care of it!
Big font makes it easy to read the amount to be paid even after the alcohol:)

Tax Calculator Tax Calculator v2.0

Calculate various properties of Tax related values using this utility tool.

Tip Calculator Tip Calculator v1.1

Easy to use tip calculator.

Pregnancy Calculator Pregnancy Calculator v1.1

This is a pregnancy calculator based on the American Pregnancy Assiciation Website.

This still version 1.0 More features to be added in the future.

BMI Calculator BMI Calculator v1.0

Calculate your BMI

AER Calculator AER Calculator v1.0

Calculates the rate of compound interest for given details of mortgages and amortised loans

Easy Tip Calculator Easy Tip Calculator v1.0

Tip calculator, easy to use.

Complex Calculator Complex Calculator v1.0.1

Complex Number Calculator

CstcCal CstcCal v1.0

Basic Electronics Calculator from simple formula in thai electronics book.

Butterfly Calculator Butterfly Calculator v1.0

Personalize your smartphone with a nice, girly calculator.

Android's first cute calculator designed just for girls. A fully featured calculator which is not just the same old ugly calculator and includes all your basic calculator features. It includes pretty butterflies, roses and wonderful sounding fairy effects. This calculator is just for girls. Not boring, just lots of fun!