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Matrix Calculator Matrix Calculator v1.2

A straightforward and functional app to solve your matrix calculations.

Shake-Scientific-Calculator Shake-Scientific-Calculator v1.2

Shake Scientific Calculator includes the following features:
* Traditional algebraic or RPN operation
* Result history
* Math Functions(sin,cos,tan,etc)
* Percentages
* Binary, octal, and hexadecimal
* Large input/output display
* You can rotate your phone to see the answer
* Better error handling

Resistor Calculator Resistor Calculator v1.02

Resistor Calculator

Calculate Capacitor Calculate Capacitor v1.5.5

Calculate Capacitor will help you determinate capacitance values.

Writing Service Calculator Writing Service Calculator v1.0

Looking For a Professional Essay Writer? We Can Get You One and Even MORE!!! Free Revisions, Professional Writers and Cool Features! We Are That Essay Writer Service To Try!
And now free price calculator and free live chat at your Android smartphone! Get DoMyAssignment calculator NOW!

Electricity Calculator Electricity Calculator v1.0.1

Find out how much electricity you are using and how much it is actually costing you!

This app will walk you through using your electric meter, or the wattage on your appliance to determine how much electricity you are using. Based on the cost per kWh, you can find out how much it costs per day, month or year!

VAT VAT v1.5

Simplify your VAT calculations

IELTS Listening practice IELTS Listening practice v3.2

IELTS listening practice tests with calculator

Level 66 Level 66 v1.2

Amazing Educational Game.
Practice Math in a New Way !
Verify that You are a Master of Calculation.
66 Great Levels Waiting for You!

ChalkBoard ChalkBoard v1.7

Magic Board is an application which helps the user to calculate simple and complicated mathematical equations. The Math Board is used as a calculator. I had created a simple, beautiful and easy to use interface. So that it can helps the ones that are using it.

Statistics Box Statistics Box v1.2

Statistical descriptive & discrete probability functions calculator, instant data table & graph maker, permutation & collection calculator, all-in-one!

2 Stroke Gas Oil Mix 2 Stroke Gas Oil Mix v1.2

This calculator determines the exact quantity of oil required for a given ratio of gas and oil suggested by the manufacturer of the 2 stroke/cycle engine. That calculated number is determined from the amount of gas available for the mixture.

Chemistry Helper Chemistry Helper v1.0.14

A simple app designed as a quick reference for chemistry students.

Includes a periodic table with links to wikipedia, a tool to calculate molecular masses of compounds, a table of polyatomic ions, constants, solubility rules, tools for calculating molarity and volume of solutions, tools for converting between units commonly used in chemistry...

Kids Math Kids Math v2.0.0

Help your child learn to quickly add,subtract,multiply,divide,compare fractions
This is a Educational Math game for your kids and why not maybe for everyone(you can improve your math calculations speed).


Must have application for all engineering students atleast during results. Calculate your GPA and CGPA accurately with ease.

VJTI Pointer Calci VJTI Pointer Calci v1.0

A simple user friendly application for all VJTI students to calculate their pointers

Equation Solver Equation Solver v1.0

This application will help you solve the following types of equations :-
1. Linear equations in two variables.
2. Quadratic equations with complex roots.
3. Cubic equations and shows all three roots (including complex roots).

Also, an expression evaluator is included in which you can input expression and evaluate with the desired number of variables. It is equivalent to a scientific calculator.

Ship Vibration Ship Vibration v1.1

Ship Vibration is dedicated to the ship engineering students. The application defines a symmetrical ship both as overall geometry and as the transverse structure. Using a modified Stodola iterative method, the application is able to calculate the first vertical and horizontal natural bending vibration mode. The ship definition can be saved in a text file into a folder from where it can be later loaded. The results are saved in graphic form.

PsychoTimer PsychoTimer v2.5.2

Set of helpful tools for the psychometric tests in Israel including:
Special timer that simulates the exam in real time.
Special calculator to approximate your simulation score.
Detailed review of simulations' history.

To all those who want to practice to the exam in real-life experience, it’s time to throw those simple timers away!
A MUST HAVE app for every successful examine!!!

Grade Tracker Pro Grade Tracker Pro v2.27

Track, calculate, and predict your grades in this robust grade tracker! Free!