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Love Compass Love Compass v1.0

Designed to help you find your love :).

Are you feeling lonely ?, if that is your case this android application is the solution for you.
It will get you to the exact locations to your love.

-Get directions that leads to your love
-Find all lover(even the secret ones)
-Find exact location
-Have fun with your friends
-Do not get lost in love

Animal Age Animal Age v3.1.1

This utility allows you to easily see the human age of your animal, and find fastly a veterinarian

Drink Fest Drink Fest v1.2

Drink Fest - track your drinks with fun!

MLK • Euromillions MLK • Euromillions v1.6.3

My Lucky Keys is an application designed for those players who bet on Euromillions. We hope it brings you as much luck as it brought us. Enjoy this free application, and may the Luck be with you!

Amazing Drunk Detection Scanner Amazing Drunk Detection Scanner v1.0

Ready to go to party? Then don't forget to put Drunk Detection Scanner in your pocket!

Drunk Detection Scanner is a simple application that helps you make fun with your friends. Make fun of your best friends by scanning their eye, and determine how drunk are they!

Sara Sara v1.6

Do you want to a siri clone? are you jealous of your friend's siri for iphone? Then this is the app for you.

Valuable Time Valuable Time v1.0

VALUABLE TIME displays a real-time counter, not unlike a stopwatch. Yet, instead of counting time, it counts money. Enter how much you are paid (hourly or salary), press start, and watch the money roll in. Or trickle in, depending on how much you make.

VALUABLE TIME includes an option to alert you with a sound or vibration every time you reach an amount of your choosing. If you would like to be reminded every time you make a dollar or fifty, VALUABLE TIME can do that.

Live Night Out Live Night Out v1.0.0

Express Yourself Anonymously. Used in Nightclubs, Bars, Restaurants, Social Events in your city.

Girls night out? Guys night out? Share your opinion live about the music, bouncer, food or even about the guy next to you who thinks he can dance! Just your nickname and your thoughts are all that is needed, completely anonymous….no need to register or worry about repercussions.