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Housing Loan Calculator Housing Loan Calculator v1.23

Housing Loan Calculator is a simple housing loan calculator that you can use to calculate your monthly housing loan repayments. Useful when you want to roughly calculate if you could afford a house that you see in an advertisement pamphlet, newspaper or even on the internet.

Note: To be used only to calculate an estimated monthly payment amount, actual amount may differ slightly from the figures shown.

EMI Calculator Pro EMI Calculator Pro v1.0

Calculate Equated Monthly Installment (EMI) for Home Loan/Housing Loan/Car Loan/Personal Loan easily.

EMI Calculator Pro also features interest-principal chart with year-wise interest data.

Fuel Calculator Fuel Calculator v1.0

This program allows you to calculate how much you spend a chunk of money for fuel, and if you drive more than one how much money will be paid for each passenger. It's very simple and accessible to each program. Download and save time for calculations.

calcpada calcpada v1.2a

Update Version of Simple calculator(calcpad)
Simple calculator,Easy to use.
Equation Entry

Waves Counter Waves Counter v1.0

Simply put, it counts the waves

SUBPART Q FDP Calculator SUBPART Q FDP Calculator v1.0.10

SUBPART Q FDP Calculator free version

Calculate the FDP limit and Rest Requirements according to EU-OPS Subpart Q.
Included features:
FDP limit, Minimum Required Rest calculation with detailed explanation, Planned Extended, Discretion, Split Duty, Augmentation.

Handle differentiations between Civil Aviation Authorities through the Settings screen.

The free version calculates the FDP limit and Rest Requirements only for 5 sectors and standard crew composition.

VAT Calculator VAT Calculator v1.2

Calculate VAT for any country in the world.

MicroCalc+ MicroCalc+ v2.2

Calculator with variables

Discount Free Discount Free v1.13

Application that calculates the discount at any price.

Payback Calculator Payback Calculator v1.2.1

Are you and your friends puzzled what you should pay back to each other? No problem, the Payback Calculator will calculate it for you! Just fill in the names and amounts and press the Calculate button and e-mail your friends.

Aspect Ratio Calculator Aspect Ratio Calculator v1.2.4

A simple tool that makes it easy to calculate the dimensions to resize an image.
Great for graphic designers, or anyone resizing images for blogging.

Aspect Ratio Calculator Aspect Ratio Calculator v1.1.3

A simple tool that makes it easy to calculate the dimensions to resize an image.
Great for graphic designers, or anyone resizing images for blogging.

GPA Calculator GPA Calculator v1.0

This is a simple GPA calculator for Android. The concept code is used in several US colleges.
Planned features:
- Save Grades
- Mobile transcript

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CAL CAL v2.0

meant for small calculations to save your precious time. Updated. It now gives appropriate values for tan, cos and sine functions. Now it also has a log, remainder and exponential functions.

Automotive Calculators Automotive Calculators v1.1

Automotive calculators for car enthusiasts.

gbaCalc gbaCalc v1.1.8a

Decimal calculator inspired by printing calculators. All operations are shown in a scrolling window like on a paper roll. Decimal fixed point with rounding, percentage and tax calculations suited for commercial use. RPN-like operation mode. Edit operations, Send by email, save and restore from file. You download a free trial version with limited features. Paying $1.95 is part of the registration process and will remove this limit.

iDeal iDeal v1.0

A convenient and simple calculator for anyone selling anything. Easily converts between common units of weight.

Rf & Microwave Toolbox lite Rf & Microwave Toolbox lite v1.22

Rf & Microwave toolbox lite

EMI Calculator EMI Calculator v1.0

This EMI calculator let's you judge how affordable a loan can be for you. Always use the calculator to get a quick quote on your EMIs. You can calculate home loan and personal loan EMI with this calculator.

Wake Up or Calculate Wake Up or Calculate v1.0

Wake Up or Calculate wakes you up by activating your brains with calculations!