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UKongMath UKongMath v1.1.0

##Free for only one week!!(from 13th, June~19th, June,2011) From the publisher East2West!!##
Arithmetic game have two modes, one is "one minute game", and another is "20 questions game". In the "one minute game", you will try your best to calculate arithmetic questions as more as possible. In the "20 questions game" mode, you need to solve all the 20 arithmetic questions in the shortest time. It has a really good exercise of your left brain, have a try!

Zero Gravity Zero Gravity v1.0

Who can keep it the longest in low gravity?

NanoBulletin NanoBulletin v1.0

A course management app for the students of East West University, Dhaka, Bangladesh.

Battery Checker Battery Checker v2.0

Utility App for Checking Battery Status (ex : remaining time, battery type, voltage, temperature, level, etc)

myBMI myBMI v1.3

This is a very simple application for Android to calculate your BMI.

Cooltips Cooltips v1.4

A FREE and HANDY application which helps you calculate your dining tips.

Concrete Estimator Concrete Estimator v1.2

Estimate Concrete floor, footing, slab, pad, curb, and gutter prices and taxes!

Smart Data Watch Smart Data Watch v1.0.2

Smart Data Watch is free app to monitor your network data usage and convert the usage as your currency also lets you to set quotas for daily,monthly usage

Shopster Shopster v1.0

Shopster is more than simple shopping app. You will see why!

Calculatrice Calculatrice v2.0


i Calculate i Calculate v1.1

This is a standard calculator. It contains an equation solver screen as well

Player Value Calculator Player Value Calculator v1.2

Exclusive player value calculator for the members of the Black Hand Organization of the game Goal Line Blitz.

Weight Calculator Plus Weight Calculator Plus v1.7

Weight Points Calculator allows you to calculate your target number of points per day, as well as calculate points on food items, per the Weight Watchers PointsPlus program.

BTU Calculator BTU Calculator vBTU Calculator 2

  • This application calculate the BTU's needed for heating or cooling an area.
  • Esta aplicação permite calcular os BTU's necessários para aquecer ou arrefecer determinada area.

Math-Path Math-Path v1.1

A fun and challenging brain tester! The goal of Math-Path is simple - achieve the highest calculation from your randomly generated grid of tiles. Easier said than done!

Animal Age Animal Age v3.1.1

This utility allows you to easily see the human age of your animal, and find fastly a veterinarian

Wellness Calculator Wellness Calculator v1.0

Launch day special, 5 days for FREE. Download while you can. Do you feel that your health level has been dropping recently? You can verify that when you download this application. Answer the questions and submit them through the application and our smart doctor in the server will evaluate your health level accordingly, come and have a try.

VAT VAT v1.5

Simplify your VAT calculations

Golden Ratio Calculator Golden Ratio Calculator v1.0

The Golden Ratio Calculator allows you to input a total width value and have it be split in the golden ratio. Perfect for designers who are looking for spacing information, or anyone interested in the devine proportion.

TipSplit TipSplit v2.21

A simple tip calculator help you calculate the tip for your bill before tax.