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SUBPART Q FDP Calculator SUBPART Q FDP Calculator v1.1.13

SUBPART Q FDP Calculator FULL version
Calculate the FDP limit and Rest Requirements for both Flight Deck and Cabin Crew according to EU-OPS Subpart Q.

Included features:
FDP, FDP limit, Minimum Required Rest calculation with detailed explanation, Extensions, Augmentation.
Handle differentiations between Civil Aviation Authorities through the Settings screen.
Available six different calculation methods (Default - LBA German -Spanish - Danish - IACA's proposal - EASA)

AquaBuilder AquaBuilder v1.0

Makes all the necessary calculations for building a glass Aquarium!

Calculator TVA Calculator TVA v1.2.0

Calculator TVA

Financeroids Financeroids v1.0

Program for savings. Save receipts and expenditures. As well as future income is calculated and the calculation of car finance.

Tip Calculator Tip Calculator v1.2.2

simple application to help you calculate tip and split the bill among your friends.

Telescope Calc Telescope Calc v1.0.0

Quickly and painlessly calculate operational parameters of any telescope and eyepiece combination.

Programmer Calculator Programmer Calculator v1.0

A great tool for every programmer. The only one that supports floating point numbers conversion and basic operations for all 4 numeral systems (decimal, binary, octadecimal and hexadecimal).

CCTV Lens Calculator CCTV Lens Calculator v1.0.2

Tool for designing video surveillance systems. This instrument allows you to define the parameters of the lens for your cameras.

CDMA Cell Locator CDMA Cell Locator v1.1.2

Detect and calculate between your position and base station.

Eq Calc Eq Calc v2.4

Equation entry/editable Calculator

Extended significant digit >16

CAP371 FDP Calculator CAP371 FDP Calculator v1.2.7

CAP 371 FDP Calculator

Calculate the FDP limit and Rest Requirements for both Flight Deck and Cabin Crew according to UK CAP 371.

FDP limit calculation with detailed explanation based on the following paragraphs
§ 13. Two or more flight crew - Acclimatised
§ 13. Two or more flight crew - Not Acclimatised
§ 14. Limits on Two Flight Crew Long Range Operations

Minimum Required Rest with detailed explanation

In-Flight Relief
Split Duty
Commander's Discretion

Geoprops Geoprops v1.6

Geoprops is a calculator of geometric properties for various section types. It mainly addresses Civil / Structural Engineers, but can be used by any Student who needs to calculate the area and the geometric center of a shape.

Simple RPG dice Calculator Simple RPG dice Calculator v1.0

Simple RPG dice calculator.

Minimalistic, fast, simple and colorized app to calculate your dice results.

XP Calculator XP Calculator v1.0.1a

XP Calculator shows how many mobs you need to kill to reach level 30. You can also calculate how many ores to mine or smelt to reach your target level. You can adjust your current and your target level using seekbars. Result will be shown automatically when adjusting the seekbars.

Bill & Tip Calculator Bill & Tip Calculator v1.2

Compute restaurant bills and tips with ease!

U.S.A. Airport Calculator U.S.A. Airport Calculator v0.5.1301710683

This useful calculator will tell you the degrees, Nautical Miles, Statute Miles, and Kilometers between your originating and destination airports. It's got a built-in database of over 150 of the most traveled airports!

Stock Purchase Calculator Stock Purchase Calculator v1.1.1

Have you ever wanted to quickly get an idea of how many stocks you can buy with a certain amount of money and know how much you could make if you sold it at a certain price?

Income Tax Calculator For Poland Income Tax Calculator For Poland v1.1

Income Tax Calculator for Poland

Earth Geomagnetic Field Calculator Earth Geomagnetic Field Calculator v1.0.8

Earth Geo Magnetic Calculator 3D

Net Income Calculator Net Income Calculator v1.0

How much money could you save each month?
Net-Income Calculator helps you to review where your money go and how much money you actual save each month.