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Simple Unit Converter Simple Unit Converter v4.0

Simple Unit Converter is the simplest and easiest unit converter to use.

Atmega128 Everything Atmega128 Everything v1.1

You can easily calculate and set AVR ATMEGA128's all types of register.
Also you can find the information of each register as well.

Calculate Income & Tax Calculate Income & Tax v4.0

Income Tax FY 14-15
HRA Taxable
Capital Gain
Advance Tax
House Property

Vat Calculator Vat Calculator v1.0.1

It helps you calculate taxes easily, such as VAT and others.

Tax rate is changeable according to the country so that you could calculate the tax just simply and easily. (VAT / GST / Consumption Tax rates)
Enter the final price that a consumer pays, then the supply value and tax amount will come out based on the applied tax rate.
This will be very helpful especially when issuing a tax invoice and checking taxes.

Kaboom Kaboom v1.1

Kaboom is a fun Mathematical puzzle game for all ages which provides hours of entertainment.

Health Status Check Health Status Check v1.0

All-in-One Health Status Check is a free, fast, convenient and friendly-designed application to calculate your BMI, find your ideal weight, evaluate your waist index, etc...

HeroBall HeroBall v1.0

HeroBall needs your help! Throw, shoot, climb, break… catch the turbo!

Crypto Crypto v2.9

Crypto is a powerful utility that calculates hashes from text that you type in!

BMI Evaluator BMI Evaluator v1.2

free app calculates the BMI easily with a suitable diagnosis for every case.

Bubble Monster Bubble Monster v1.0

You are bored and want to kill some time? You are looking for a new pastime game with lively sound and appealing images? Bubble Monsters is a simple and easy to play puzzle game, needing the elements such as quickness, fast eyes and a bit of calculation of players. With nice and cute interface, Bubble Monsters gives you a new and exciting experience on Android.

Aquarium Calculator Aquarium Calculator v2.02

Aquarium Calculator provides dozens of aquarium calculations.

Genius Calculator Genius Calculator v2.1.5

A scientific calculator with unit converter and calculations log.

Candy Beat Candy Beat v1.05

A very attractive and sweet game is presented - Candy Beat. Imagine you are in a battle where you have to overcome the challenge of bulk funny candy to be the king of candy world.

Weight & Calories Weight & Calories v1.1

Great tracker to control your weight and calories intake and calories burned.

Mr. Abacus Lite Mr. Abacus Lite v1.03

Abacus game

Калкулатор Калкулатор v1.0

BMR Calculator, Daily intake of protein carbohydrates and fats.

Math For Kids Math For Kids v1.09

Math game for kids - learning math, count and numbers is fun and easy for kids.

virus killer virus killer v2.0

kill all the viruses with capsules of the same color.

My Calculate Free My Calculate Free v1.1

Apart from basic calculations offered by most analogues this application can:
-draw charts of any complexity;
-solve complex fractional expressions.
It contains full algebraic and geometric formulae list.

Body Mass Index Body Mass Index v2.1.0

Calculate Your Body Mass Index.