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Solar System Calculator Solar System Calculator v1.2

Calculate your age and weight on other planets from the Solar System!

Cool Calculator Cool Calculator v5.2

A cool calculator with cool themes for both basic and scientific calculation

GPA Calculator GPA Calculator v2.0

This application is an advanced version of the GPA calculator where students can save the courses they took so far. Students can review their grades history and see their current GPA on the fly.

Car Loan Calculator Car Loan Calculator v1.2

This android app is essentially a very simple car loan calculator that took me about 2-3 days of my off time on weekdays to develop. The reason why I created this calculator when there are others out there is because so far the ones i’ve seen doesn’t seem to match up and why I say this is because the one I’ve created has these features:

- Simple and straightforward interface
- Allows you to input in the car purchase price, down payment amount, interest rate (decimals allowed) and select the installment months
- Screen is kept ON all the time while the calculator is visible
- Screen orientation is fixed to portrait
- Has an option to clear all the fields and start over again through android’s context menu
- Better looking background (well at least from my personal point of view)

New In v1.1:
- Improved overall layout
- Improved about dialog
- Added share button to context menu
- Fixed some bugs
- Ad-Supported (only when you are connected to internet)

New in v1.2
- Improved overall look
- Added reset button

Please comment on the app whether you like it or not or have some suggestions / issues encountered. Thank you!

Golden Ratio Calculator Golden Ratio Calculator v1.0

The Golden Ratio Calculator allows you to input a total width value and have it be split in the golden ratio. Perfect for designers who are looking for spacing information, or anyone interested in the devine proportion.

Adv Calculator Adv Calculator v1.3.3

A powerfull calculator. Can read, modify and interpret complex formulas like 5*sin(12/(2+9))-ln(1)

- All usuals science and logic functions.
- Formula editor with historic.
- Regulary update with new possibility.

- Improve space on the screen

Advanced Calculator Advanced Calculator v4.0

If you are looking for a calculator, be it scientific, statistical, or simple public school level but the RPN and emulating HP/Casio interface makes whatever you found worthless, then this is what you look for.

i Calculate i Calculate v1.1

This is a standard calculator. It contains an equation solver screen as well

IP Network Calculator IP Network Calculator v1.0.20120708

A subnet calculator for IP networks. Real-time updating and copy/paste support!

Fuel Calculator Fuel Calculator v1.01

Airline specific ultra-longhaul fuel adjustment calculator

Intrinsic Value Calculator Intrinsic Value Calculator v1.04

Calculate the Intrinsic Value for a given stock in a matter of seconds!

AndTip! AndTip! v1.0.0

AndTip is a Tip-Calculator for Android. It calculates the variable amount of tip to be added on a bill in a restaurant. It can calculate the share between one to twenty persons.

Energy Calculator Energy Calculator v1.0

Graphical analysis of a heath transfer through a construction element.

Quick Tipper Quick Tipper v1.0.0

Quick Tipper is a Tip Calculator for Android application.

TipCalc TipCalc v1.0

A simple tip calculator. My first application on Android.

BeMeWeightPoints BeMeWeightPoints v1.4

Weight Watchers Points Calculator

Date Calsee Date Calsee v1.1

it is an App for Calculation of number days between two dates, Adding or deleting number of days to Your Required date.
Find the Day of the date.
Simple interface and simple to use.

Calculatrice Calculatrice v2.0


gEZTip gEZTip v1.8.0

A free tip calculator for dividing up the bill!

Now including a field for putting in your sales tax to calculate the tip before the tax was added.
Also, added a menu item to save your sales tax.

EasyTip EasyTip v1.0.1

Leaving the right sized tip has never been so easy!!! No more worrying about percentages and math just let Easy Tip take care of it for you! All you need to do is enter how much your meal cost and then choose what level of service you received, and EasyTip tells you how much of a tip to leave. All of the tip amounts are in whole dollar amounts to make it even easier!