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Nutrition Facts Assistant Nutrition Facts Assistant v1.1

Reliable data taken from United States Department and more than 30 nutrition values for most food item.

DevBox DevBox v1.0.0

App for Android Developers. Simple tool to aid development.
If you're not one, the app is still useful for monitoring what your installed apps is doing with your phone.

1. Calculate dimension for different density drawables.
2. Save those drawable dimension values for reference.
3. Monitor system debug / log output. Alternative for logcat on actual device.
4. Filter log buffer, level(priority) or/and tag.
5. Save log to a .txt file.
6. Check system information.

Birthday Expense Calculator Birthday Expense Calculator v1.20.0

It maybe annoying while calculating how much each person has to pay at the end of a birthday party.
Birthday Expense Calculator can help you easily and quickly calculate the amount everyone need to pay for

StapelRechner StapelRechner v1.2

An App as an alternative to a normal calculator. It works with a stack, so you have to enter your statemments in a different order.

Bet and SureBet Calculator Bet and SureBet Calculator v1.31

The ultimate betting tool... Now you have almost everything in one app..

Calculator Calculator v1.2.1

A simple, beautiful calculator with added functionality. This is a full featured calculator. A calculator with all the functions of a scientific calculator. A calculator app with no ads. This is a 2 in 1 calculator.

VJTI Pointer Calci VJTI Pointer Calci v1.0

A simple user friendly application for all VJTI students to calculate their pointers

Fareplus Fareplus v1.0

FarePlus is a mobile app that enables GPS-based auto/cab fare calculation. The application aims to solve the problem of frequent travelers who often feel cheated because of rigged meters or frequently changing local travel fares.

KittySong KittySong v1.0

Kitty Song
music game!
30 cheerful musical compositions
35 unique cute kittens

Assistant builder Assistant builder v1.0

App is used to calculate rafters,
roof, foundations, stairs, fences, walls and floors. Also, the app
draws a blueprint by the entered data. Save calculations to the SD
card or send by e-mail.

İdeal Kilonuzu Bulun! İdeal Kilonuzu Bulun! v1.2

İdeal Kilo Hesaplama..
Boy, Kilo ve Cinsiyetinizi girin Vücut Kitle İndeksinizi(BMI) hesaplayın.
BMI sonucunuza göre bulunduğunuz kategoriyi görün.

Partition Size Calculator Partition Size Calculator v1.30.1

If you are tired of seeing the non-integer size of partitions in Windows Explorer, Partition Size Calculator might help.

Fuel Calculator Fuel Calculator v1.0

This program allows you to calculate how much you spend a chunk of money for fuel, and if you drive more than one how much money will be paid for each passenger. It's very simple and accessible to each program. Download and save time for calculations.

Mobile Wellness Mobile Wellness v1.0.7

Mobile Wellness turns your mobile device into wellness dashboard that evaluates and analyzes your health. You use Mobile Wellness as the focal point for your goal towards a healthier lifestyle. With Mobile Wellness, you can access your avatar, health tips, and mini games.

WHR Buzz WHR Buzz v1.0.1

With WHR Buzz, you turn your mobile device into wellness dashboard that calculates and analyses your Waist-Hip Ratio (WHR). Because most people store body fat around the waist (apple shape) and around the hips (pear shape), the WHR Buzz gives you a measure of your health.

Currency Converter Live Rate Currency Converter Live Rate v1.1

-LIVE CURRENCY RATES and refresh every minute.
-Our rates are trusted by the auditing firms and world's banks!
-Track Currencies from around the world.

- Know the Data Storage Unit & its size and structure.
- know how much storage space will be required for any project or development you may doing.
- Students can also learn about diff Data Storage Unit.

Expense Tracker Expense Tracker v1.3

Worrying where all your money is going?
Here is an expense tracker, which allows you to track and view reports of your expenses.

This app also allows you to track and calculate expenses you made with your friends/group.
You can not just maintain a track of the expenses but also, the app calculates the amount you owe or the others owe.
You can easily share the balances with your friends with a tap of the button.

555 Calculator 555 Calculator v1.8

Component calculator for the NE555 square wave generator

Location Event Reminder Location Event Reminder v1.0.0.2

Location Event Reminder is an application that, thanks to a technology certificated and developed by Fax3D’s team, let you performs various action when you’re at specific location. In add, you could share your activities with your friends on Facebook!


Location Event Reminder Location Event Reminder v1.0.0.2

Location Event Reminder is an application that, thanks to a technology certificated and developed by Fax3D’s team, let you performs various action when you’re at specific location.