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earth42 Golf Handicap Calculator earth42 Golf Handicap Calculator v3.03

The Golf Handicap Calculator calculates and graphically presents your handicap index, according to the official USGA algorithm, and will predict your score on any course. You will enjoy the game more if you have accurate expectations of yourself :^)

Currency Forecast Currency Forecast vRoM4eG

Currency forecasting. Exchange Rate predict Conversion. Deposit calculator Forex.

My Expenses My Expenses v2.5.1

Easy to use personal finance manager: rich functionality and Open Source.

anDOF anDOF v2.3

Depth of Field (dof) calculator for photographers (SLR)

Gold Price LIVE! Pro Charts Gold Price LIVE! Pro Charts v1.4.9

Gold Price Charts LIVE! real time gold & silver precious metals spot prices and rates in 47 currencies (rupee, dollar, euro) as well as ratios and Interactive Charts (today, history) including calculator with customizable stack data and theme designer

Sitecom4xx Free Sitecom4xx Free v1.0

Sitecom4xx Free. WPA & WPA2 Sitecom routers Keygen Audit.

Dictionary Generator WPA & WPA2 networks default keys for Sitecom routers.

Vulnerable Sitecom routers with the ESSID 'SitecomXXXXXX', with initial BSSID '00:0C:F6:' and '64:D1:A3:', and the models 'WL-XXX', 'WLM-XXXX' and 'WLR-XXXX'.

3D Measure 3D Measure v1.4

Quick estimation of the distance to any object and the object height and width

My Math Notebook My Math Notebook v1.5

Keep your mind healthy, test your mental math and exercise your brain everyday.

GrandTools GrandTools v2.1.5

GrandTools-great app for students.

Sales Discount Calculator Sales Discount Calculator v1.1.1

Calculates your total purchase, including shipping, tax and discounts on all items in your checkout in any currency

Easy Mortgage Calculator Easy Mortgage Calculator v1.3.0

Want to know what you have to pay for your mortgage? This app can help you!
-Various mortgage types are supported: amortization, interest only and linear mortgages.
-An annual oversight with average monthly payments per year is shown.

Easy Financial Calculator Easy Financial Calculator v1.3.3

Calculate tip amounts, discounts and savings and pay off schemes easily.

Percent Calculator+ Percent Calculator+ v1.4.3

A simple and easy to use percentage calculator. Features include calculate percentage, calculate discount, calculate increment, calculate before discount, calculate before increment, calculate percent of and calculate percent change.

Mathematics Mathematics v4.1

This app will provide you a great tool if you want to plot a mathematic function.
You only have to write formula, and curve will be displayed in a customizable chart.
You can choose minimal and maximal abscissa (by default it is set from -5 to 5).
It is possible to display derivative function, so you can see both f(x) and f'(x) curves.
If you click on "VALUES" button, il shows all values between selected bounds.
It can replace your scientific calculator !

Color Converter Color Converter v2.0

Convert color codes from ARGB to Hex and reverse way.

Item Builder for League of Legends Item Builder for League of Legends v2.0

Calculate the stats for different builds in League of Legends

Sudoku Mania Sudoku Mania v1.2.0

* Unlimited number of Sudoku!!!
* 4 Levels!
* Hints!
* Auto-save!

Clear the Zombies! Clear the Zombies! v0.0.67

Fight your way through mobs of zombies in this evolving puzzle/strategy game. Rescue and collect a variety of characters, acquire unique abilities and most importantly...
kill some friggin zombies!

Kicky Kicky v11.0.0

A life saving app developed by parents for parents to help keep track of your baby's little kicks and movements.

Light Cycles Duel 2 Light Cycles Duel 2 v1.0.5

The game has fun OLD SCHOOL two and single player - legacy - gameplay like the old 8-bit and 16-bit days for your tablet or phone. Inspired by the famous Tron movies it is basically a light cycles game.