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Wallet Diary Wallet Diary v2.3

Manage your daily income and expenses activities in the simplest and easiest way in multi language interface.

LIP LIP v1.6.0

LIP Bygningsartikler A/S - Calculate how much Tile mortar You have to use when fixing Tiles, Jointing Tiles or when You have use Floor Compound or Wall Plaster...

ΦΠΑ Calc GR ΦΠΑ Calc GR v1.7.0

Το ΦΠΑ Calc GR είναι μια απλή εφαρμογή που υπολογίζει το Καθαρό- Μεικτό και ΦΠΑ ποσόν ανάλογα με την επιλογή που θα κάνουμε.

Biorhythm Calculator (Trial) Biorhythm Calculator (Trial) v1.0.0

Biorcal is a total biorhythm calculator. It calculates all the 13 known biorhythms for the present date and time, at any specific moment, or, during a certain time period. The 13 known biorhythms are: Physical, Emotional, Intellectual, Intuitional (Primary Biorhythms), Mastery, Passion, Wisdom (Secondary Biorhythms), Perception, Psychic, Success (Extra Biorhythms), Aesthetic, Awareness, Spiritual (I-Ching Biorhythms).

Rainbow Bridge Rainbow Bridge v1.1

Build a rainbow path use wisdom!

Treadmill Workout Treadmill Workout v1.2.1

Treadmill Interval(HIIT) and Cardio Workout

Function Plot (Trial) Function Plot (Trial) v2.0

Function Plot is a powerful and easy to use Android application, able to draw the graph of any function F, within a defined (x1, x2) space. The user of the application is able to get any “x, F(x)” pair values, by just touching the function graph on the device screen. Using this last facility, he/she is also able to approach the roots of the equation “F(x)=0”.

Graphing Calculator Graphing Calculator v2.1.1

Graph equations in different colors.

Home budget Home budget v1.5

Home Budget - Where is my money?!!

Water Task Water Task v1.5

Logical problem with water

BMI Calculator BMI Calculator v6.0

Fast and easy to use.

Supports Metric System (cm/m/kg) and Imperial Units (ft./in./lbs.).
Shows your exact over- and underweight.

Net Income Calculator Net Income Calculator v1.0

How much money could you save each month?
Net-Income Calculator helps you to review where your money go and how much money you actual save each month.

Agent Trial Version II Agent Trial Version II v0.0.47

Automatic device for measuring voice parameters, noise and music
This app will turn your Android into a sensitive device that will measure the parameters of any digital sounds (voices, noises, and music). The device uses a new algorithm that allows you to calculate the numerical parameters of harmonic spectra. The measurements are carried out simultaneously on four independent channels and displayed in an intuitive way.

Prisoner Escape Prisoner Escape v1.1

Play prisoner escape as the notorious prisoner to escape the prison in a calculated way. Observe every noise detector, camera and police vision for prison break. Figure out your safe place and way to reach on exit door for prisoner escape. For prison escape collect every key, access card and hack computer to inactive the laser block. Escape every secured prison one after another. Simple game play but secured prison break objective makes it more addicting.

Smart Roulette Tracker Smart Roulette Tracker v1.3.5

Have all useful information to gain your winnings in one SMART roulette tool!

HTML Code Play HTML Code Play v3.7

Learn client side programs including html and css

Score Note Score Note v1.0

Score Note:
We always play many fun games with family / friends which needs paper and pen for noting down scores. Now use your mobile phone with much ease for this purpose. This app is also used in Sports, Physical training, Education etc. wherever score/points are to be recorded.

Math Bombs Math Bombs v1.3.1

A game to test your mathematical skill. Detonate math bombs before they arrive.

W-Tracker W-Tracker v1.1

With this app you can track your weight, calculate your BMI and receive notification about weighing

XCRetrieve XCRetrieve v1.3.9

An SMS based geolocation app allowing you to share your location even when you are not able to answer the phone.