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Height Calculator Height Calculator v3.1.8

How tall children be when they grow up?

aPriceCalc aPriceCalc v1.0.0

A discount, tax and tip calculator all in one...

Daily Luck Calculator Daily Luck Calculator v1.3

Test your daily luck and find your lucky number today in just a few clicks!

This application use the Numerology Calculator formula to calculate your daily luck and lucky number.

Uniconver Uniconver v1.0

Uniconver is a set of utilities that allows daily calculations and units of measure conversion calculation of volume and area.
Uniconver has a very friendly graphical interface and easy to use for the user experience is the best

My Fitness Calculator My Fitness Calculator v1.41

Myfitness calculator is simple application for your entire daily fitness requirement (Calorie and Nutrition) and this Myfitness calculator will help serious bodybuilder to any fitness enthusiast

***Coming Soon New Feature
** Profile and history for all result and inputs
** We hope you'll love Myfitness Calculator. We are constantly working to improve the app so there's plenty more goodies to come ;)

Virtual Calculator Virtual Calculator v1.10.2

Virtual calculator it's a simple calculator that uses the four basic operations.

It also supports power and percentage calculations.
Works on any version of Android from 1.5.

Weight Calculator Plus Weight Calculator Plus v1.7

Weight Points Calculator allows you to calculate your target number of points per day, as well as calculate points on food items, per the Weight Watchers PointsPlus program.

Advanced Financial Calculator Advanced Financial Calculator v1.0.3

Advanced Financial Calculator is a collection of useful calculators to help you making important financial decisions, such as mortgage payment, accelerated loan pay off, house/loan affordability, loan comparision, refinance, CD/saving analyzer, tip calculator, rental ROI, auto lease or buy, wage/salary converter, etc.

Housing Loan Calculator Housing Loan Calculator v1.23

Housing Loan Calculator is a simple housing loan calculator that you can use to calculate your monthly housing loan repayments. Useful when you want to roughly calculate if you could afford a house that you see in an advertisement pamphlet, newspaper or even on the internet.

Note: To be used only to calculate an estimated monthly payment amount, actual amount may differ slightly from the figures shown.

Tip Calculator Tip Calculator v1.03

The most easy and advanced Tip Calculator to calculate tips in restaurants.

Bet and SureBet Calculator Bet and SureBet Calculator v1.31

The ultimate betting tool... Now you have almost everything in one app..

Partition Size Calculator Partition Size Calculator v1.30.1

If you are tired of seeing the non-integer size of partitions in Windows Explorer, Partition Size Calculator might help.

Calorie Calculator Calorie Calculator v1.2.13

A simple 3-step app to calculate your BMR, RMR and daily calorie intake.

EMI Calculator Pro EMI Calculator Pro v1.0

Calculate Equated Monthly Installment (EMI) for Home Loan/Housing Loan/Car Loan/Personal Loan easily.

EMI Calculator Pro also features interest-principal chart with year-wise interest data.

Fuel Calculator Fuel Calculator v1.0

This program allows you to calculate how much you spend a chunk of money for fuel, and if you drive more than one how much money will be paid for each passenger. It's very simple and accessible to each program. Download and save time for calculations.

BMI Calculator BMI Calculator v1.0.8

BMI is a BODY MASS INDEX calculator, it tells the body fitness ( Normal, under weight or overweight ) based on your weight and height calculation, try it and check your FITNESS today.
Application has non English language support

calcpada calcpada v1.2a

Update Version of Simple calculator(calcpad)
Simple calculator,Easy to use.
Equation Entry

Assistant builder Assistant builder v1.0

App is used to calculate rafters,
roof, foundations, stairs, fences, walls and floors. Also, the app
draws a blueprint by the entered data. Save calculations to the SD
card or send by e-mail.

Just BMI Just BMI v1.3

Just BMI is an app for calculating body mass index .
It is ad free and open source application .
It can take weight in kg and pounds
and height in cm and inches
The formula for calculating and textual reference is from Wikipedia .com

Assistant builder Free Assistant builder Free v1.0

This is a free version for review. App is used to calculate rafters,
roof, foundations, stairs, fences, walls and floors. Also, the app
draws a blueprint by the entered data. Save calculations to the SD
card or send by e-mail.