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MyTaxIndia MyTaxIndia v1.0

"MyTaxIndia" you can instantly calculate your tax, tax splits, and can decide how much more investment is needed to save tax on your income.

Calc Calendar Calc Calendar v1.0

Calender with Date calculation.
Easily calculate days between 2 date.

Mobile Flight Tools Mobile Flight Tools v1.0.2

Flight computer software with most of the typical functions found on the traditional E-6B flight computer and additional features. Includes location information on airports, heliports, balloonports, seaplane bases and navaids, as well as runway and frequency information.

DOFCalc DOFCalc v1.0

Simple DSLR cameras Depth of Field calculator

Linear Equations Linear Equations v1.2

This app calculates from the coordiantes of two points the equation of a line.

Enter the coordinates in the fields and tap the button to get the equation "mx+n".

MZ Client MZ Client v1.0.2

MZ Client - Your ManagerZone client for Android

CalTronic CalTronic v2.5

CalcTronic is a collection of functions to electronics professionals, students and electronics enthusiasts.

Applications are made with a graphical interface that makes these calculations very friendly.

For questions and support contact the email application of the developed

Concrete Estimator Concrete Estimator v1.2

Estimate Concrete floor, footing, slab, pad, curb, and gutter prices and taxes!

Pitch Length Pitch Length v0.0

Calculate the length of a belt or chain as it wraps around a series of pulleys or gears. Useful for mechanical engineers, designers or drafters.

MultiConverter MultiConverter v1.1.3

Turn your phone into a conversion tool. With this application you can simply click on what type of conversion you are going to make (distance, temperature, etc.), type your units in the corresponding field, and hit Convert and that's it! You'll be presented with a converted value for just about any unit you can imagine. If we don't have the units, just post a comment below, or send me an email and it will be included in the next update!

FunKeeper FunKeeper v1.0.3

Powerful & easy-to-use score keeper for board game, card game. Supporting changing more than one players' score in one time, and build-in calculator for complex case.
App-free version is comming soon~

Subnet Calc Subnet Calc v1.0

A fast Subnet Mask Calculator. This can be used with no network connectivity. Free to use and enjoy. Great of IT engineers to figure out network IPs, and wildcard masks quickly.

This is also a great tool for Networking students to learn sub-netting. Use it to check your work while you are working for your Network+ or CCNA

Multifeed Multifeed v1.5.6

This is programm for setting multifeed on sattelite antenna

Crypto Crypto v2.9

Crypto is a powerful utility that calculates hashes from text that you type in!

Project Pal Project Pal v1.2

Project Pal is a material estimator for construction, home repair, and remodeling.

PPh21 PPh21 v1.5

Indonesian Personal Tax - PPh 21 Calculator

DaysAndDate DaysAndDate v6.1.3.2

Calculate how many days between two dates, e.g., days to birthday; and the date before/after several days, e.g., what is the date after your baby has been born 100 days.

Voda200Plus Voda200Plus v1.3

This application is calculate all outgoing call, and analyze it...

Blackberry Escreen Calc Blackberry Escreen Calc v0.5.1301336523

Use this app to calcaulate the escreen code needed to access the blackberry engineering mode. Full instructions included. Internet connection needed.

DAI DAI v3.2.01

For all applications of security rank, see which application the most rogue!