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TankVolume TankVolume v1.0

Measure the volume of tank by the size of the tank and the dept of liquid.

Go Dutch! Go Dutch! v1.02

Go Dutch! is an extremely useful android app that you would want to use when you're outside with your friends having some drinks, food or perhaps just shopping in general.

Let say someone pays for the bill when you're out for dinner with your friends, then you want to calculate how much to pay for your portion only, you can use Go Dutch! to do just that. It allows you to add up to 5 items maximum and also allows you to key in the amount of tax in percentage. Also, you can go dutch with everyone on the table and split the bill equally among X number of persons. Say your total bill is $150.95, you want to split it with 5 persons equally, you can use Go Dutch! to do that! Press the context menu button on your android phone for more options.

Besides that, you could also use this app to add up to 5 numbers like a calculator! Its up to your imagination how you want to use it! Grab it now and give it a try!

- Add up to 5 items and calculate with OR without tax
- Option to split bill equally among X number of persons
- Ability to reset and start over
- Option to share app with others through facebook,messaging,email,etc
- Screen is always kept on while this application is in view
- Ad-Supported (only when you are connected to internet)

RRs Unit Converter Ad Version RRs Unit Converter Ad Version v1.2.1

Powerful unit converter and calculator for android smart phones. Simple and user defined compound units. As a bonus, this program contains definitions for almost all units within the database.

Gregorian Calendar Gregorian Calendar v1.1

This application shows on a month basis any date in the Gregorian calendar.
The date of Easter for any requested year is also calculated.

Monitor Selection Monitor Selection v1.0

Calculates: Screen dimensions, Pixeldensity (PPI), Recommends a Screensize depending on screen resolution and the distance to screen

DevBox DevBox v1.0.0

App for Android Developers. Simple tool to aid development.
If you're not one, the app is still useful for monitoring what your installed apps is doing with your phone.

1. Calculate dimension for different density drawables.
2. Save those drawable dimension values for reference.
3. Monitor system debug / log output. Alternative for logcat on actual device.
4. Filter log buffer, level(priority) or/and tag.
5. Save log to a .txt file.
6. Check system information.

GrandTools GrandTools v2.1.5

GrandTools-great app for students.

M3 M3 v1.6

M3 est une application permettant de mesurer et de calculer, avec l'appareil photo de votre mobile, la surface et le volume d'une pièce d'une maison ou d'un appartement.

M3 - DEMO M3 - DEMO v1.6

M3 est une application permettant de mesurer et de calculer, avec l'appareil photo de votre mobile, la surface et le volume d'une pièce d'une maison ou d'un appartement.

Mwc Mwc v2.0

A simple microwave oven cooking time converter

Currency converter Currency converter v1.3

Simplest currency converter: US dollar to Euro, Euro to Us dollar, dollar to GPB, etc

Where MySalary Goes Where MySalary Goes v2.0

It is an integral and easy application to analyze your personal expenses. While using it, you will be able to know when, how and where you salary goes?

Fuel Calc GR Fuel Calc GR v1.3.5

Υπολογισμός της δεξαμενής και της ποσότητας παραλαβής πετρελαίου.

Boobie Snapper 2 Boobie Snapper 2 v1.0

Try it out with a woman, take a snap of her breasts and the program will return a random result of how big her boobs are.

EuroExchange EuroExchange v1.9

Free, simple and easy to use euro currency converter and more.

Utilsplit Utilsplit v1.2

Share utility bills (electricity, water, gas, etc.) with your roomates/housemates/flatmates easiliy and fairly.

MoneyPlanner MoneyPlanner v1.0

Money Planner is a small app that will help you save money.

3D Measure 3D Measure v1.4

Quick estimation of the distance to any object and the object height and width

HQLator HQLator v1.2.1

When you download a file, it is important to check its authenticity and integrity. HQLator is a Cryptographic Hash Calculator computing file checksums and message digests - a unique and compacted representation of downloaded and local files. Message digest ensures data integrity and guarantees that your files have not been altered by unauthorized or unknown means.

M2-Thermometer M2-Thermometer v1.1

1. Thermostat style display.
2. Celsius & Fahrenheit scales available in thermostat.
3. Min & Max temperature of the day.
4. Temperature is calculated in 7 different standards.
5. Formulas & demonstration of all temperature standards.
(If any issues, mail us. Don't leave questions in comments, we can not respond)