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Carpedia Carpedia v1.0

Read everything about your favorite car. Carpedia has more than 45000 cars.

Funny Dots - Shapes Funny Dots - Shapes v1.03

Basic Shapes flashcard for kids

Funny Dots - Alfabeto Funny Dots - Alfabeto v1.03

Spanish ABC flash card for kids.

Funny Dots - ABC Funny Dots - ABC v1.2

ABC flash card for kids.

MathForKid MathForKid v1.3

Improve Your child for basic math.

GRE Buddy Pro GRE Buddy Pro v1.0

GRE Buddy contains 5000+ words to learn from and works great for GRE, SAT IELTS, TOEFL,GMAT,LSAT, etc.

Fishville Fishville v2.5

A fish index app for android

Instruct Instruct v1.1

Основные инструкции Белорусской железной дороги.

Lang Trainer Spanish Lang Trainer Spanish v1.11

Are you studying Spanish and need a little help? Do you find Spanish verbs and articles difficult to retain? Then this program is for you. A complete offline Spanish trainer, with 1000 words divided in 40 categories, over 300 verbs with 32000 conjugations, and a mispelling engine to help you master Spanish writing

Businessweek News Businessweek News v1.5

Businessweek News is a simple, useful and informative RSS newsreader specially designed for Android smartphone users. It is designed to provide easy and quick access to latest business news from Bloomberg Businessweek (official site). Within this handy application, you can also save all your favorite business news to your Favorites or share them with your friends.

Gesetze Gesetze v1.12

German laws. Displays german laws from which is provided by the BMJ.

Resume Guide Resume Guide v1.0

Have you ever wonder how to write a good resume when you are finding a job? Now you have a good choice. Resume Tips provides you how to raise interest of your future employers in your job seeking process. You will no longer make stupid mistakes to create a false image again. You may have years of working experience, but can you remember what elements are essesntial in it? v1.4 es un espacio abierto que nace de la necesidad de compartir recursos y experiencias entre los docentes de educación musical, siéntete libre de participar y compartir en la medida de tus posibilidades. v1.4

Aplicació Android per a seguir l'activitat del grup

Inktera Books Inktera Books v1.37.788

Inktera makes it easy to find, purchase and read today’s most popular eBooks.

The Moral Picture Book The Moral Picture Book v1.0

"The Moral Picture Book"
This eBook is for the use of anyone anywhere at no cost and with
almost no restrictions whatsoever.

The Good Resolution The Good Resolution v1.0

"The Good Resolution" is a best book by Anonymous
Free download in your Android device.

Slow and Sure Slow and Sure v1.0

Slow and Sure: The Story of Paul Hoffman the Young Street-Merchant, a novel by Horatio Alger
Free download in your Android device

Pictures of Sweden Pictures of Sweden v1.0

It is a delightful spring: the birds warble, but you do not understand their song? Well, hear it in a free translation.

Free download in your Android device.

Library of the Worlds Best Mystery and Detective Stories Library of the Worlds Best Mystery and Detective Stories v1.0

Library of the World’s Best Mystery and Detective Stories, Julian Hawthorne presents us thrilling and mysterious short stories from all corners of the world. Some of the stories appeared in this collection for the first time translated into English, and many of them come from unexpected sources, or a Tibetan manuscript. In this fourth volume, we find stories originally written in French, Italian, Spanish and Latin.
Download in your Android device and study these best stories.