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Heroic Escape Heroic Escape v1.4.1

Your planet is crumbling and you must make your Heroic Escape!
Compete with others across multiple platforms for global score supremacy.

Hit The Clouds Hit The Clouds v1.0.4

Tilt your device to steer the rocket - your goal is to hit every cloud, the game is over, when you miss a cloud. The rocket will accelerate all the time, so the game gets harder and harder! Try to get the highest score and be better than everyone else!

Little Rocket Little Rocket v1.0.0

Help little rocket to collect star.

Fisher Birds Fisher Birds v1.0

fly over the sea and dive for fish

Plane Plane v1.2

Fly over land but avoid mountains!

Brave Balloon Brave Balloon v1.3.1

Drive the air balloon and collect all the coins. Endless game.
Take care of your nerves!

Star Ship Star Ship v1.0

Save your galaxy

Undead Bird Undead Bird v1.3

destroy everything!!!

Feather Flight Feather Flight v1.0.1

Fly the feathers using the trust from the butterfly safely to the birds avoiding crows. Using lightning to eliminate crows. Challenging and fun at the same time.

Copter Copter v1.0

Control your helicopter ,clear the hurdles and score by taking coins

Beenie the Bee Beenie the Bee v1.3

Help Beenie the Bee fly back to the hive. A fast paced game that challenges your reflexes and hand-eye coordination.

Moon Expedition Moon Expedition v6.4

Moon Expedition is arcade or race game made by wasted-droid team for young and adults.
This game is a mix of race and arcade game. You have to reach the moon in shortest time possible.
Upgrade your space ship with caution.

SpaceHustle SpaceHustle v1.6

SPACE HUSTLE is free classic action horizontal scroll arcade shooter game.

Super Cobra Super Cobra v1.3

Super Cobra 2014 is free remake of old classic arcade game.

Fishy Rush Fishy Rush v1.2.7

An extremely addictive and challenging adventure in the underwater world! Collect coins, catch power ups, complete quests and buy upgrades. Enjoy!

Space Crash Space Crash v1.0

Welcome to Space Crush, a new adventure game taking place in big undiscovered galaxy. In this game you are an Alien flying a UFO and trying to survive in a galaxy full of annoying comets. Your job is to bring the Alien to his base safely. In other words…Do your best not to get hit by any flying comets or planets!

Fat Penguin Fat Penguin v1.3

Who said that the penguins cannot fly? Some wise guys? This one is definitely going to try, no matter that he is a little bit overweight! But he needs your help. So get up, prepare your fingers and make him fly high!

Jetpack Jump Full Jetpack Jump Full v1.34.2014

Falling platforms, lasers, powerups, and insane difficulty all await you in the awesomeness that is Jetpack Jump!

Jetpack Jump Jetpack Jump v2.36.2014

Falling platforms, lasers, powerups, and insane difficulty all await you in the awesomeness that is Jetpack Jump!

Spaceshippy Spaceshippy v1.5.1

You are an Alien on Earth and it is your task to kill all annoying birds that you encounter!

Fly high by tapping on the screen and kill the birds by bursting your thruster engines, but watch out for powerlines, drying laundry and wrecking balls.

Last but not least... don't fly too high!