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Speed up DOT Speed up DOT v1.0

Climb up. One dot at a time.

Pill Catcher Pill Catcher v2.0

Try to catch them<-

Christmas Party Christmas Party v2.2

Kids come have some fun at HooplaKidz Christmas Party - Play, Sing, and Dance!

Cube Bird Cube Bird v1.1.0

Cube Bird is a fun free addictive old school arcade game that can be played for hours!

Your objective is to catch falling balls.

Magic Tower Magic Tower v1.1

Avoid the traps while climb the magic tower

Christmas Rush Christmas Rush v1.1.0

Christmas Rush is a fun simple christmas theme game where you must be quick touching the falling christmas ornaments as they fall.

Catch the Eggs Catch the Eggs v1.1.0

Catch the Eggs is one of the most exciting game and its totally free.

Hero vs Square Hero vs Square v1.0.4

HERO vs SQUARE - Addictive arcade game and the ultimate Time Killer!

Bug Eat Bug Bug Eat Bug v1.0.1

Update: New Speed Dodge mode added!

Candy Demon Candy Demon v1.1.0

Candy Demon is a free to play addictive survival game. A simple left-right touch control based game. It is easy and fun to play.

Dog vs Cat RPS Battle Dog vs Cat RPS Battle v1.2

Addicted Rock-Paper-Scissors Game combined with Cute Dog and Cat Epic Battle.

Pizza Burger Crush Game Pizza Burger Crush Game v1.2

Pizza Burger Crush Game gives you a guilt free fast food binge. Pizza, burgers, chicken, hot dogs, and fries bounce off your screen to your skillful touch. Match the food item in pairs or more. You have 60 seconds to ramp up the score.

Backpack Bounce Backpack Bounce v1.5

Backpack Bounce is 3 games: match, crush, and shooter.
Tap the game you want to play, and you're on your way.
Use twin controls for the backpack target shooter to eliminate the aggressive red backpacks flying to intercept the bronzed backpack hero.
These backpacks are loaded for fun. Designed for phones, 7 inch tablets (177.8 millimeter), and 10 inch tablets (254 millimeter). Get your backpack party without a load on your back.

Paname Paname v1.0

" Paname ", immerse yourself in the poetry of Paris !

Kittyllama Kittyllama v1.7

Dodge falling kittens while riding a llama.

Cat And Mouse Cat And Mouse v1.01

It is a little game about a little cat Tom and a naughty mouse Jeremy.
Some time,there is also a little fast dog Buck.

Dog & The Box Dog & The Box v1.5

Dogs love to JUMP!

Squiky Jump Squiky Jump v1.0.0.3

Help the Squiky alien

Jelly Party Jelly Party v1.0.3

You have to connect the figures with each other, as in the match 3 games.

Princess Kim's Nail Salon Premium Princess Kim's Nail Salon Premium v1.0

Create beautiful nail art to test your nail painting and creative skills.