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SnakeOTronic! SnakeOTronic! v1.3

The right mix of classic and new Snake elements wrapped in a LCD-retro style. Additional control scheme!

Pop Pop The Balloons Pop Pop The Balloons v1.0

"Pop Pop The Balloons" is a cool game, easy and intuitive to play for all Family.

Bubble Breaker Bubble Breaker v2.5

Bubble Breaker is an amazing bubble breaking game with a new and addictive!
The game is easy to play - clear the bubbles by breaking connected bubbles of the same color to earn points - yet amazingly fun and challenging!
Bubble Breaker, tap connected bubbles with same color to score. Popstar is similar to this, Try to score as higher As you can! Compete with others by the online score ranking system.

Mayan Jewels Legend Mayan Jewels Legend v2.4

From the mysterious Mayan Match-3 game.
If you really like the Jewels type of game (Jewels Star, Jewels Bejeweled, Jewels Legend, etc.), but also very fond of South American flavor of the Mayan culture, the Mayan Jewels Legend is your first choice.
Come and experience the mysterious Mayan brings you a different Mayan Jewels Legend.

SaveMyFace SaveMyFace v2.1

Help Humpty Shave

Egypt Jewels Legend Egypt Jewels Legend v2.2

Another classic Match-3 game launch on Android Market.
Come and experience the ancient Egypt Jewels Legend. You need to dig deep to break ground has been found treasure, get more jewels. Pharaoh jewel which can better help you find the treasure. Come and challenge to see how many meters you can challenge , one meter , two meters , 10 meters , or 100 meters , maybe you're the next one up to people to steal jewels.

Swiped Candys Swiped Candys v2.0

Awesome swipe action based candy puzzle game with full features for free!
Very addictive casual game with one hundred levels!
Swipe and make longest chains of similar candy in this challenging puzzle game with exciting special powers.
Swiped is one of the best android puzzle game and casual game supporting all popular mobile devices.

Save Chicken Save Chicken v2.0

Save Chicken - Unblock is a simple and addictive puzzle game. The goal is to save the chicken out of the board by sliding the straws out of the way. Save Chicken - Unblock comes with 4 difficult levels ranging from Easy to Expert. There are 1600+ puzzles in total, worth hundred hours of playing to keep you challenged.

Fruits Flow Fruits Flow v2.0

If you like Flow game, you'll love Fruits Flow!
Connect all matching Fruits with lines to fill the board. Each path must begin and end at a fruits, and must not intersect another path.Watch out as the lines will break if you cross them!

Bloom Run Bloom Run v1.0

Bloom Run is a free infinite runner, but with a twist. You need to kill vivid enemies by matching their colors.

Annoying Monkey Free Annoying Monkey Free v1.0

Be faster than the Monkey!

Star Girl - Dress Up Star Girl - Dress Up v1.02

A film's star girl has come to the city. She incredibly beautiful and charming. She attracts the attention of the media and paparazzi anytime she appears. She always knows how to refresh herself and make her stand out among the forest of many other star girls. Today, her stylist was absent, so she needs your support in preparing fashion dress up for her next important event. Remember that she is a star girl and you have to make her greatest and updated with the latest fashion trends.

Farm Quest Farm Quest v2.1

Happy collecting fruits and vegetables or farm animals on the farm Quest.
Connected to the same fruits and vegetables or farm animals, will be able to collect the elimination of classes, complete all levels of the game modes, and try to get three vegetable stars. Come Quest farm happy to collect it.

Kikis Fashion Picks 2 Kikis Fashion Picks 2 v1.0.0

Everyone’s favourite fashion stylist is back with the super sleek Kiki’s Fashion Picks 2. Take on the lead role and dress your models to fit the brief.

The Drunk knight The Drunk knight v1.0

The Drunk Knight Walking

Frog Rush Frog Rush v1.04

The pond has been overrun with frogs, can you handle the mad rush? Frog Rush features 40+ levels, each more challenging with new objectives to complete. Click the frogs, eat the flies and beat the clock!

Fashion Doll Dress Up Fashion Doll Dress Up v1.03

Practice your hand at being a fashion stylist for our doll Sophie. To help her attract the prince’s look at the party tonight, dress up Sophie Doll in many different outfits: select hair style, dress, make-up style and shoes, accessorize with cute earrings, then take some nice photos and show them to your friends. Enjoy!

Steampunk Dress Up Steampunk Dress Up v1.04

Steampunk dressing can be broken down into a few basic archetypes. One good place to begin is to decide what sort of character you are portraying, in other words: who are you? Are you an aristocrat, mechanic, aviator, pirate, explorer, or zombie hunter?

Mermaid Dress Up Mermaid Dress Up v1.05

Mermaids are the ones that fascinate most! Meet the Mermaid Princess, girls, and check her angelic features and magnetizing charm! Today she’s inviting you to discover her steps of glamor...

Princess Dress Up Princess Dress Up v1.02

The Caribbean Princess is back to the palace and we all love her so much. And now, can you believe it? She choose you to be her stylist. Dress up her perfectly to meet the King and have more fun. Feel the royal spirit and make her be the most beautiful princess ever, she’ll appreciate you.