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Catman Catman v2.9.4

Run above the building, roof to roof

Spy Agent Man Spy Agent Man v1.2.24

Spy Agent Man is a fun casual game.
Follow the Spy Agent Man Samuel Has on his new mission: Destroy the secret base of an evil genius.

Boxshot Boxshot v3.0.3

Insanely addictive Skill Game!

Caricatura Caricatura v1.2.1

making your own caricature, now is a piece of cake

Bubble gum Ninja star avoider Bubble gum Ninja star avoider v1.2

Ninja star avoider is a doodle style arcade game where you have to avoid ninja stars that are falling down from the sky by moving Bubble gum on the screen. Try to get as big score as you can to beat your friends.

Electron Jump Electron Jump v1.4.1

Little electron needs your support:

Help him to successfully run through the wire.
But be careful of painful resistors.
And pay close attention to possible changing of the charge.

Dont Step On Mine Dont Step On Mine v1.0.1

Tests your reflexes against time and movement with this simple and fun game!

Linjamania Linjamania v1.1

Guide a robot through blocks and collect coins to get more points. There is 50 rounds to beat, every round is a little harder than previous. How far can you get?

DumbSmash DumbSmash v1.0.3

A Fish adventure

Animal Wild Rescue Animal Wild Rescue v1.0.1

Rescue wild animals in this simple and addictive match 3 game anytime, anywhere. Complete all the levels making stars and the best possible score.
- Colorful graphics cartoonish.
- Easy to play but difficult to master.
- Get as many stars on each level.
- Three different types of levels.
- 48 amazing levels.

candy cake Defence candy cake Defence v1.0

Protect the chocolate cake from the children that want to take a bite.
As the game proceeds it becomes more and more difficult as the number of children

that appear increases and they become faster.

WheelMadness WheelMadness v1.01

Help marty to make a world record of highest distance travelled in a tire.

Funny People Too Funny People Too v1.0.0

This is a game using the swipe gesture, expecting you to create... funny people too.

Food Fight! Food Fight! v1.12

Welcome to Food Fight Penguin Game! Timmy the penguin is collecting food to store for the entire Season!Your mission is to guide Timmy through collecting the food.However you should know that in-season food is preferred, and collecting in-season will earn you more points. Watch out for the falling bombs and ENJOY the game!

Easter Bunny Easter Bunny v1.0

Enjoy the easter spirit with a great, FREE and easy to play game.
A lot of fun and beautiful HD graphics for Easter.

Balloon Buzz Balloon Buzz v1.1.0

Simple. Intuitive. Fun!

Control Buzz the Bee with your finger, popping as many balloons as possible to rack up the points!

Ninja Balloons Ninja Balloons v1.0.1

Ninja Balloons is a fun balloon popping game where you throw darts to pop as much balloons as you can.
Game has cute graphics with great background music and addictive gameplay elements.
Can you pop all the balloons in each round with your limited amount of darts?

Rebuild A Car Rebuild A Car v1.7

Find the missing auto parts to rebuild the car. Then customize and test drive the car.

Shuffle Match FREE Shuffle Match FREE v1.0

Become a memory master

DodoDrop DodoDrop v1.1

Play as a doomed flightless bird and help him to safety. Utilizing your device as a control you can tilt the bird to freedom. Also choose from many settings such as difficulty or choose to use buttons vs. tilting. With over 100 levels and a bonus survival level you can help to stave off boredom while saving the birds!