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Basket Fruit Basket Fruit v1.5

Circus Basket Fruit Catcher - Addictive casual game with Endless Gameplay

Pet Bulldog Pet Bulldog v1.3

Play and interact with a 3D Bulldog Pet!

Sweet Rush Sweet Rush v2.0

This game is the story of Mona and her evil twin brother. Her brother were jealous of Mona's candy and he stole it. As he trying to get away carring all the candy, Mona tried to STOP him but she didn't make it. Her brother in order to revenge her threw her candy in mazes.

Freaky Tup Freaky Tup v1.4

FreakyTup is a Cute Casual Fun Game For All Ages! It enables player to enjoy a variety of gameplay while getting a high-score in three different arcade games packed into one wacky crazy fun world of baddies and goodies!
Game Features:
- Three different mini games
- Simple one touch controls- Easy to learn and fun to play
- Cute graphics with fun cartoon style sound and music

Balloon Burst Balloon Burst v1.1.1

Balloon Burst For Kids

Escape Constipation2 Escape Constipation2 v1.0.5

This game is to leap Hurdles In order to escape the poo from intestine

Talking Cat Talking Cat v1.8

Play and interact with this Funny Virtual Cat!

Puppy Love Match Puppy Love Match v1.0

Lost a love crush? No problem, spend your minutes of happiness with Puppy Love Match! You will get addicted with this great puzzle adventure HD game. Who let the animals out? Now they are willing and ready to play!

Book Of Shadows Book Of Shadows v1.0.1

Some time ago an old professor travelled around the world searching for the most amazing shadows. He painted all of them in an old book: the Book of Shadows.

But he lost this book too, just like what happened to the Book of Enigmas.

And now, you found it!

Are you ready to open it and try to solve all the pages?

Danger Joe Danger Joe v1.0.2

Help Danger Joe to escape from the Jungle!

Rock Chick Dress Up Rock Chick Dress Up v1.2

Are you ready to rock? The concert is in an hour and you need to look your best tonight! Grab your beauty creams and get in to the dressing room! Don't leave the room without a cool outfit, too! The crowd is getting more and more excited to see you on the stage!

Valentine Dress Up Valentine Dress Up v1.2

Romantic Valentine's Date for two? You should dress to impress!

High School Dress Up High School Dress Up v1.0

Choose from many different outfits and accessories with this high school themed dress up game!

Doll Salon Dress Up Doll Salon Dress Up v1.2

Use your imagination to make it unique and customized to your baby!

Freefall Penguin Freefall Penguin v1.0.8

Penguins can't fly, but they can try to fall gracefully. How long can you survive?

farm Hero smiley Dan farm Hero smiley Dan v1.0

Welcome to Farm hero smiley Dan.
Help smiley Dan collect all the apples from his farm.

Fairy Princess Fairy Princess v1.0

Why be a fairy or a princess…when you can be a Fairy Princess? Make yourself up like a real fairy princess in this majestic fantasy dress up game.
You can change hairstyles, dresses, tops, jackets, skirts, handbags, jewelry, shoes, hats, glasses, skin color...

Fast cloud Fast cloud v1.0.5

Cloudy is a happy cloud who wants to fly through the sky. You can help Cloudy in this beautiful and colorful adventure!

This app-game:
-Is a challenging endless and casual game.
-Have nice graphics to enjoy the adventure.
-Let show of your skills and match yourself.

V. 1.0.2. Now, Fast Cloud has math games to improve your skills. Practice the additions and the times tables.
V. 1.0.3. New language available: Spanish.

Emo Girl Dress Up Games Emo Girl Dress Up Games v1.0

Could help Emo Girl decide what to wear! She needs your help deciding what outfit to wear to make her look the most Emo!

pop lolly pop lolly v1.0.1

Pop Lolly is a simple yet addictive casual game.
Once you play,you can not stop.
Simple rules:
gather lolly of the same color,the more the better
more bonus will be rewarded with less lolly left at the end of each stage

Easy to play:
just tap lolly with the same color to get points,each stage has a target point.
You must achieve the target point to next stage.