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Book of Enigmas Book of Enigmas v1.0.50

Some time ago an old professor travelled around the world searching for the most amazing enigmas. He solved and wrote all of them in an old book: the Book of Enigmas.

But, we don’t know how, he lost his book.

And now, you found it!

Are you ready to open it and try to solve all his enigmas?

Princess Cinderella's Shoe Maker Princess Cinderella's Shoe Maker v1.0.7

Dare to become the most amazing Shoe Maker for Princess Cinderella!

Laboratory Jewels Laboratory Jewels v1.1.0

The new, fun and addictive, match 3 puzzle game developed by A&A Games - creators of one of best dragon games Dragon Pet

Snowman Builder Snowman Builder v1.8

Do you love it when its snowing outside and you can go out and build your own Snowman?
Our award winning Snowman builder app lets you do it all year long with out freezing your hands.
Start off by choosing a background image from your gallery and adding all the parts to your snowman.
Share your snowman on Facebook or save as file to use as a card & send to your friends to brag about your snowman.
This is especially fun to pass time with your kids.

Spin the Plates! Spin the Plates! v1.0

Fun, fast-paced game of plate spinning!

Fruits and Sweets Fruits and Sweets v1.01

Fruits & Sweets is a new casual match-three puzzle game,perfect to challenge your friends or spend time with family members !

Dots and Boxes Dots and Boxes v1.1

Here's a new exciting funky & fresh version of the lovely classic game of Dots and Boxes... now for your phone, at your fingertips! Completely free!

CrazyPlanets CrazyPlanets v1

A fun explosive planet blowing game that takes a little brain work to play

Snake Addict Snake Addict v1.5

The snake game for all the snake addicts out there!

You may know the classic snake game already, but this one is optimized for touchscreens of any size! Play it with your phone or with your tablet!

The game is easy to play: Move the snake to the food and watch your snake grow bigger and bigger! But be careful! Don't crash the wall or the serpent's tail or the game will be over.

Chilltris Chilltris v1.11

Just chillout with us.

Rapid Finger Rapid Finger v1.3

It's all about speed and rapid finger. If you think your finger is fastest in the world. Rapid finger will challenge you.
Improve your response between eyes, brain and your finger.

Chicken Pet Game Chicken Pet Game v1.2

Raise a pet chicken from chick to hen in this fun Russpuppy app! Play mini games to earn coins and buy clothes for your cute little feathery pet. Make sure to give her food and water every day or else she might get sick. When your chicken grows up (it takes five days of care) you can harvest eggs which you can exchange for more games and rewards. Earn badges of achievement to prove your master chicken raising skills!

Crazy Fruit Dentist Crazy Fruit Dentist v1.2

Wow, the craziest fruits ever are ready to pay a visit to the Crazy Fruit Dentist! Oh, oh, those poor crazy fruits, they have big problems with their teeth and now they want to feel great again.

Cheese Mazes Free Cheese Mazes Free v1.3

Cheese Mazes is a classic 3D style virtual maze.

Treasure Traps Treasure Traps v1.1

Collect treasure while avoiding the hidden traps.

Chinese New Year Horse Chinese New Year Horse v1.1

Celebrate Chinese Lunar New Year of the Horse with this game.
This cute horse can sing you Gong Xi Gong Xi song and also play a game of
catch the Hong Bao (Red Packet), whilst avoiding the fireworks.
Wishing you a very Happy and Prosperous New Year (Gong Xi Fa Cai Xin Nian Kuai Le)!

Sally's Car Escape Sally's Car Escape v1.0.1

Poor Sally’s car is blocked in the parking jam. She wants to escape from this rush. Listen how she is shouting. “Come on, move your car dude,unblock my car, get a side. I am getting late ooh hoo.Give me room to escape my car out of this!”

Ninja Craft Ninja Craft v1.0

Ninja Craft is an addicting action packed slashing style game.

happy skewer happy skewer v1.0

Happy Skewer is an addictive puzzle game.

Poor Little Kitty Poor Little Kitty v1.2

There are 10 objects on the stage. 5 will earn you this poor little kitty trust while the other 5 will make the kitty dislike you thus ending the game.