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Burnout Ball Burnout Ball v1.6.39

Try this addicting game and prove to your friends that you are the best!

GrowAButterfly GrowAButterfly v1.3

Grow your own butterfly.

SUMThings SUMThings v1.4

Sumthings is 3 match game. Sumthings is easy to play and have fun in math.
This game will make you be genius. Let's have fun with easy math.
If you think that the addition is simple. You should rethink. It's more challenging than you think.

Tiny Invaders Tiny Invaders v1.0

Tiny Invaders is a simple, fun and hilarious action defense game in which you have to defend an ovum from its invaders. Smash and fight in the battle, getting improvements, achievements and ranking.

Ant Killer Saga Ant Killer Saga v2.12

Keep calm and aim for the head!

RepairMyCar RepairMyCar v1.0.7

Repair a broken car with the automotive tools in the stage.

Create A Superhero Create A Superhero v1.4.0

Create and Customize your Superhero.

Prison Escape Prison Escape v1.0.2

The 3rd game of our knock and run series!

This time you have to escape from prison!

TicTacToe EXTREME! TicTacToe EXTREME! v1.0

Ready to knock your Tic Tac Toe socks off?? The get ready for Tic Tac Toe EXTREME!

Princess Room Decoration Princess Room Decoration v1.0.1

By playing this fun princess room decoration game you'll surely have a great time! Many room decoration items to choose from in each category - furniture and wallpaper/carpet icons and style this room anyway you want with custom Beds, dressers, lamps, night stands, toys and more.

Catch the Mouse Catch the Mouse v1.2

This is a classic puzzle game with multiplayer and Bluetooth options.
Mouse is at the Center of a grid of holes and trying to run out of it. Cat is trying to catch it.
The game can be played as Mouse or as Cat.
When Mouse is surrounded by blocked hole such that there is no way out, Mouse is caught and Cat wins.
When Mouse reaches at the boundary of the grid, it escapes and Mouse wins.
Play two player game on Bluetooth too.

Round Thingies Round Thingies v1.0

A brain game that challenges your combination skills.

Candy Splash Candy Splash v1.02

Collect deliciously sweet candy as fast as you can. Tap group of candies with matching color to collect them. Tap on a group of six or more matching candies to wipe the board of that color and collect double the candies. But watch out, avoid tapping an ungrouped candy or it will burn out.

Tap the Balloons Tap the Balloons v1.5

A mischievous little mouse has captured many bugs, save them!

Stupid Marathon 42.195 Stupid Marathon 42.195 v1.0.6

“Stupid Marathon 42.195”

Hard Game HD Hard Game HD v1.3

There are easy games and hard games - Hard Game HD is one of the hardest games. In Hard Game HD you have to use your perceptivity and brain. Sometimes you have to touch fast, sometimes you have to solve logic puzzle. Check your reactions speed and test your mind.

Hidden Objects HD: Cats & Dogs in Asia Hidden Objects HD: Cats & Dogs in Asia v1.3

Hidden Objects HD: Cats & Dogs in Asia is free game with beautiful photos from Thailand, Cambodia, Hong Kong and Philippines. It contains dogs sounds and cat sounds too. It is simple and easy Hidden Objects game for kids and children.

Pixel Bubble Dots Pixel Bubble Dots v1.1

Pixel Bubble Dots is a simple game about touching colored bubbles at the right time. Every few seconds new bubbles are generated and you have to touch / tap right ones.

Ice cream Dash 2 Ice cream Dash 2 v1.0.2

‘Ice cream dash 2’ is a fusion of puzzle and time management.

PiratePearl PiratePearl v1.0

Collect pearls with Annie the pirate. You will become a pirate king!