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Logo Difference Logo Difference v1.2

The find the difference version of Logo Quiz!

You don't have to guess the logo, you have to find the differences in each logo pair!
When finding the differences, use your hints wisely, set the high score and beat this game before the time runs out.

Fantastic Spa Day HD Fantastic Spa Day HD v1.0.0

The spa is a fantastic place where all you have to do is relax and let other make sure you look and feel fabulous. Once you step into one such oasis of beauty you won’t ever want to leave. Try out this experience by playing our wonderful new Fantastic Spa Day makeover game!

Ghost Match Ghost Match v1.0.0

A challenge for the mind with a gameplay that everyone can enjoy!

Veg Tycoon Veg Tycoon v1.2.0

Bet and click. A flow of gold coins flock in after vegetable Marquee stops. Enjoy excitement and surprise from good fortune.

Blocks Away Blocks Away v1.04

Test your finger and color coordination skills in this quick and simple blocks game.

mombu shooter mombu shooter v4.0

shoot the bottle before times runs out

Piranha Challenge Piranha Challenge v1.0.2

Challenge the Piranhas of the Amazon!

FarmStory FarmStory v2.3.0

Fantastic farm, cute vegetable and multiple gameplay bring quadruple surprise in one classic game collection.

Feed the Frog Feed the Frog v1.5

You have to feed the hungry frog and help it catch the bugs.

Zombies on the Run HD Zombies on the Run HD v1

Did you think to be cool zombie? It is because you have not ever put on your skin (if you have).
Get as much progress as possible in this runner meters. You can choose from 3 different zombies What do you prefer?
Enjoy a leisure time with your phone or tablet anywhere with this free game. Management has a very simple and fun, but do not think you can get to be number 1 in its high scores table easily.
Download now this free game. You are only a click away. What are you waiting?

Baby Dino Pet Baby Dino Pet v1.03

A cute little dino pet to care for and nurture. Play mini-games such as piano, bongo drums, catch falling eggs and many more. What are you waiting for? Get your own dino today!

Haptic Muse Haptic Muse v1.0

Haptic Muse is intended for developers who are implementing tactile feedback (also referred to as haptics or "rumble") into their applications. This application is used see sample the haptic effects in a series of game context.

Roach Frenzy Roach Frenzy v1.0.1

An addictive game for those who are fed up of roaches that filled up their houses and want to take revenge.

Ninja Numbers Ninja Numbers v1.0.3

Ninja Numbers is a game strategy and skill game.

You will become Ninja, whose goal is to collect all the stars he has lost. Along the way he will have to face other ninjas, closed doors, mechanisms, pools, ...

Last updated: Gameplay is improved.

Baby Fun Phone Baby Fun Phone v8.00

Let your baby smile and play with our fun, baby virtual phone game.

- Press a key to make it virtual dial and answer with a persons voice or animal call
- Press a key to virtual dial and ring
- Press a key to play nursery rhymes
- Colorful musical keypad

Monster Colors Monster Colors v1.0

Exciting and adictive game with funny monsters.
In each play, you have 20 seconds to reach the points target. The sooner you get the goal better because you will accumulate the seconds remaining for the next match that will be more difficult.
ith personal records and world records.
Will you be the WORLD champion?

My Virtual Pet Care 2 My Virtual Pet Care 2 v1.23

☼ The Sequel to My Virtual Pet Care has finally arrived! Get your very own Virtual Pet TODAY! ☼

DiamondDrift DiamondDrift v1.2.18

Enjoy a match-4 game where you slide the pieces and connect them to vaporize them. By simply allowing the pieces to be moved around, this game offers a whole new experience totally different from the similar game on the market.

Totally Shake Totally Shake v1.0

The milkshake parlour is in dire need of your help and is looking for someone who want to learn their shakes!

Heileen Heileen v1.1

Heileen, cute 18 years old english girl.

She has a quiet life, without any real problems. But one day, her uncle Otto, a famous english merchant, decides that it is time for a change, and forces her to follow him on a journey to the New World.

During the voyage, she'll meet old and new friends and discover lots of secrets, and ultimately find what really wants for herself.