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Light Switch Light Switch v1.0.0

Are you up to the challenge to become the light switch champion? A simple 5 x 5 grid of lights, or is it? Tap a yellow light to turn it off, tap again to turn it back on. Each light tapped toggles the adjacent lights from on to off, or off to on, depending on its current state. Red bricks are unaffected by the switch.

Surge power ups can be used to auto-complete a level and earn a star. Level sections are unlocked as you earn stars.

deScribe deScribe v1.20

deScribe is half pictionary and half telephone.

deScribe deScribe v1.20

deScribe is half pictionary and half telephone.

Bubble Shooter Bubble Shooter v1.32

A classic reborn, this is an awesome shooting bubble buster game with HD-graphics, smooth animations and simple gameplay. Simply make combinations of three or more bubbles of the same color to make them pop.

Guess The Animal Guess The Animal v1.1.3

Guess The Animal is a guessing game that's perfect for kids. Instead of figuring out the entire name of the animal, you have to pick the correct answer from a choice of four. The quicker you guess – the more score you’ll earn. Post your scores online and challenge your friends to guess the animals faster than you. Share your game stats and compete with friends and family.

Block Express Block Express v1.8.2

Block Express is fun block puzzle game that simple and challenging to play.

Holey Moley Holey Moley v1.0.3

Holey Moley is a simple to play, fast-paced game where you smack moles about with hammers, pretty simple stuff, 3 modes of play including:

Quick Play, Survival & No-Miss

Each play mode has 3 different difficulty settings which ramp up as the player progresses to keep the game challenging at all levels.

2 Player Support with Gamepads supported!

Pigy the Pigeon Pigy the Pigeon v1.1.5

The cute runner game for kids is finally here, meet Pigy the Pigeon Messenger! He is not an ordinary pigeon, he has a special power that let's him carry infinite amount of letters to his backpack, your duty is to help him deliver ALL of them, a real challenge!

My Virtual Pet Care My Virtual Pet Care v1.43

Have you ever fancied your own virtual pet? With this cute little fellow you'll get your very own pet to care for!

Dig ! to the sky Dig ! to the sky v1.04

New style game !

Dig ground to find key and treasures.

You can help cicada's dream come true.

Mouse Storm Mouse Storm v1.0

Exciting game to train attention and reaction!

A good master in the kitchen is always clean and tidy, all the products in place. But what to do if you have an unexpected guests - mice! And not just any mice - it's a trained team of professional thieves, which aim to destroy all your cheese supplies

Dare To Deal Dare To Deal v1.2.0

Take The Deal Or Reject It The Call Is Yours ! Defeat The Banker !

Pound the Pug 3.0 Pound the Pug 3.0 v2.0

PJ the pug has brought her friends to a new game. Joining PJ is Atlas and Circe the cat.

Baby star popper free Baby star popper free v1.0.6

Watch the night sky with your baby.

Water Drops Water Drops v1.0.6

The object of the game is to survive as a water drop.

Cute Kitten Sounds Cute Kitten Sounds v1.2

***Cute Kitten and Puppy Sounds*** A Fun, Free and colorful SoundBoard for Kitten and Puppy lovers. Adorable breeds of kittens and puppies all with there unique barks and meows.

Great fun for boys and girls alike with it's easy to use interface.

This app is a full app that is completely free!!

Pearl Bubble Pop Pearl Bubble Pop v1.0.1

A unique game that follows the "break the bricks" concept but with a mixture of the "shoot the bubbles" design. A FREE game you can grab and play quickly to pass your time with fun, perfect for all ages (especially kids!

Baby Fox Pocket Baby Fox Pocket v1.0.0

Baby Fox Pocket is your pet, that responds to your touch. You can play lots of games with him.

Baby Bear Pocket Baby Bear Pocket v1.0.0

Baby Bear is your pet, that responds to your touch. You can play lots of games with him.

Baby Firefox Pocket Baby Firefox Pocket v1.1.0

Baby Firefox is your pet, that responds to your touch. You can play lots of games with him.