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Kiss on Lips Kiss on Lips v1.0

You want to show your affection to your partner, then send him/her your kisses. Kiss On Lips will help you.

DinoRun DinoRun v1.2.2

You are a dinosaur, and you need to jump obstacles to your survival (do not ask me why), and they are getting faster...

Dots Mania Dots Mania v1.0.1

Connect the colourful dots and relax!

ScreamingHero ScreamingHero v2.0.0

The annoying hero is out on an adventure. Don't let him fail.

Don't Pop The Color Don't Pop The Color vPopOneDotOneCake

A very very simple game - just tap tap and tap!

Bubble Up Bubble Up v2.2.6

Free Classic Bubble Shooter Game.

Bee's Day Out Bee's Day Out v1.3

Help this little cute bee to fly around and avoid all the garden obstacles.

Timber Guy Timber Guy v1.0.3

Chop off as many logs from the tree as you can! Timber Guy!

lessMORE lessMORE v1.3

Let’s fun with compare math game. Just choose less than or greater than.

Rope Dodge Rope Dodge v1.1

Jump over the fire rope as it rotates!, Watch out as it speeds up and changes direction without warning!

Chirpy Cricket Chirpy Cricket v1.2

Make the cricket collect tree leaves while chirping joyous musical notes that create a musical piece.

Pharaoh Jump Pharaoh Jump v1.0


Brick Escape Brick Escape v1.1

Compete With Friends And Show Them Who's The Master of Reflexes...

Paddle Paddle Paddle Paddle v1.4

Paddle your kayak through a fun and challenging river course!

Crocodile Chomp Crocodile Chomp v1.0

Make your crocodile eat as much and as fast as you can, and avoid the bombs!

Block Stacker! Block Stacker! v1.0.6

Blocks slide from side to side, try to align the blocks and build the highest stack.

Mushroom Fall Mushroom Fall v1.0

Start falling down by playing cute game mushroom fall

Baby Panic Baby Panic v1.2.3

Try to take care of the babies of this mad nursery.

Space Maggot Space Maggot v1.0

Fly as a maggot through the universe and discover wormholes. Take Care, asteroids will cross your way.

Star&ShellFull Star&ShellFull v1.0

Compatible with any screen size and with NO LOADING TIMES