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Apocalypse Cow Apocalypse Cow v1.0.1

It's not the zombie apocalypse, it's the cows. Stop the cows by shooting them before they take over.

Super Chain Reaction Super Chain Reaction v1.10

Create a chain reaction completing as many levels as possible!

Circle Zap Circle Zap v1.0

Circle Zap is an epic challenge! Move clockwise around the circle, as fast as you can with your finger. Avoid the generated obstacles, and score a point for each lap. Race the purple time-out line, with your finger controlled zap which must not hit any obstacles or walls.

Pony Dash 3D Pony Dash 3D v1.0

Gallop & trot little pony but beware of the obstacles!

Pick Pick Pick Pick v1.0

Play for free with this game with simple and clean graphic, have fun!

Roach Invaders Roach Invaders v1.0

Don’t let these invading cute cockroaches strike fear in your life; it’s time to fight back against these pests and get the highest score, which you can boast to your friends.

Balloon Country Balloon Country v1.0.2

Take control of King Balloon as he goes on a journey to save his son from the evil Saw Lord.

UFOric Flight UFOric Flight v0.9

Fly through the cavern and get some points, but pay attention to the rocks!

SwipeMe SwipeMe v1.4

How long can you survive on the road full of cars ?

Ninja Jumper Ninja Jumper v1.9

How far can you jump?

Jump as far as you can in Ninja Jumper! The higher you jump, the more points you'll earn!

FootRunner FootRunner v1

FootRunner is a one-tap football (soccer) themed endless running casual game.

Mad Mathematics Mad Mathematics v4.0.5

Mad Mathematics is your ultimate Brain Workout!

Rush Rush v1.0.9

How fast is your brain? Very simple game. Avoid the red particles by jumping between three lines.

Joggle Blocks Joggle Blocks v1.0

Unlock your creativity with Joggle Blocks! Joggle Blocks is fun and amazing new game that will challenge you to new levels of block stacking, concentration, and new high scores!

Lunch Line Lunch Line v1.1

A race against the clock to complete the maze, leading the ant to his food

Make a Game Clicker Make a Game Clicker v1.9.0

Make a Game Clicker is clicker game with game making theme.

Bubble Match Bubble Match v1.9

Play Bubble Match and match bubbles of two or more colors to clear the screen.

FlyingScape FlyingScape v1.1.6

Can they escape at once?

Dino Run Dino Run v1.0.1

Looking for an Amazing Fun Game? So Dino Run - Crazy Rush is the game to Play!!

Flight Control Radar Flight Control Radar v1.0.1

Flight Control Radar is the insanely addictive game. You take on the role of Air Traffic Controller and your job is to avoid plane crash. Sounds easy? Believe, it isn't.