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Flight Control Radar Flight Control Radar v1.0.1

Flight Control Radar is the insanely addictive game. You take on the role of Air Traffic Controller and your job is to avoid plane crash. Sounds easy? Believe, it isn't.

Rainbow Blitz Rainbow Blitz v2.1.0

Soar through the skies and glide with the rainbows in Rainbow Blitz!

Jewels Mania Jewels Mania v1.0

Jewels is a amazing match 3 puzzle game. It is classic and simple but addicting and challenging also.

Indiana Barzo Indiana Barzo v1.02

Barzo is a runner at the Egpyt now. Lets go run,jump,dodge and dash!

Gravity Squared Gravity Squared v1.4

Touch the screen to flip gravity to dodge obstacles ahead of you. How far can you make it?

Blow your Way Blow your Way v1.3.0

Blow Your Way is taking Tower Defensegames to the next level making your defenseobjective travel thru the real streets of Manhattan.

Running Ninja Running Ninja v1.1

Evade the fire balloons. Also avoid hitting the roof or falling down the wall.

Tap That Cat! Tap That Cat! v1.11

Help the cat to get rid of the fleas before she walks away.

Princess Doctor Princess Doctor v1.03

The Princess in this baby doctor game is in need of a good doctor!

Can you help get bring the Princess Baby back to health?

Space Treasures Space Treasures v1.0.11

Fly through space getting as much treasure as you can.

Dolan Duck Fruit Game Dolan Duck Fruit Game v2.4

Simple Dolan Duck game with fruits, Gooby and Spoderman

Rainbow Candy Jump Rainbow Candy Jump v1.0.0

Meets a sweet jumper, avoids the ghosts enemies and get the maximum number of candies in this funny jumper game.


Use the accelerometer and control the directions in an intuitive way.
Collect candies with different colours.
Avoid the enemies or you cannot keep jumping.
Different types of platforms
Amazing and colorful graphics.
Game where everyone can play. Only a few will dominate it.
Get the best score and beat yourself.

Cooking Pancakes Cooking Pancakes v1.1

Test your cooking skills. Make delicious pancakes using this awesome recipe.

Boo and Woo 2.1.0 Boo and Woo 2.1.0 v2.1.0

Help Boo & Woo stay happy. Jump! Eat! Jump and eat!

Circle Love Circle Love v1.0

Fantastic colorful arcade game that will not leave anyone indifferent!

Fishing Net Fishing Net v1.0.2

Some evil fishermen want to catch the little fish, prevents it from being caught dodging networks that fishermen throw him.

Maths Per Minute Maths Per Minute v1.0001

How quick can you solve simple maths? Use Maths Per Minute to find out!

Hit The Bubbles Hit The Bubbles v1.2

Hit the Bubbles!is a fast-paced game, which challenges your reflexes and speed.

Longer shoot Longer shoot v1.4

Shoot longer and get best score!

Sea Monkey Madness Sea Monkey Madness v4.9

Sea Monkey Madness!