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NDTV News India NDTV News India v1.0

This app will read and display India news from NDTV.com.

Album Art Album Art v1.2.3

Show your album art collection on the homescreen using the Android music library. Featuring multiple sizes, greyscale rendering, smooth scrolling and low CPU usage, this app is perfect for users who enjoy browsing their album covers as much as listening to their music.

GottaGo lite GottaGo lite v1.3

Now with your own contacts (name + photo)
Helps you to say bye to some boring person or meeting. The app emulates incoming call at scheduled time. So you can say i Gotta Go - i have very important call ...
The incoming screen looks as real one.
You do not have to keep the app open. You can choose built in, your own .mp3 and .ogg ringtones or just vibrate. Enjoy!

AndWobble2 AndWobble2 v2.1.1

AndWobble makes your favorite images bounce to life.

Add 3D bouncing effects to any image.
Choose any image from your phone gallery or capture photo using camera.
Define wobbling areas and shake your phone to see them bounce.

Make sure to install also the live wallpaper from http://www.andwobble.com/download/

Bollywoodji Bollywoodji vBollywood Faceboook Connect

Get the latest bollywood gossip, news, movie reviews and photos

Daily Question Daily Question v0.3.1 (linkify urls)

Every day a new question for you to answer. You can view the statistics of the current question and the questions of the past 30 days to see what other people said.
Includes a home screen widget.

AlbumPaint AlbumPaint v2.0

NOTE: THIS IS IN APP PURCHASE VIA PAYPAL OR CREDIT CARD. THE PRICE IS US$19.9. AlbumPaint turns a photo into a sketch, painting, or grey painting. It uses line, color and shade to analyze photos. So user does not need a drawing board. Only using mobile phone, he can train painting, collect material, or draw a cool picture to wow his friends. Also, when user is preparing for drawing and painting exam, it is a very good help.

TTSTweetrer TTSTweetrer v1.0

This app allows you to send Text To Speech(TTS) Tweets...tweeting has never been so much fun, try TTSTweetrer to

Android Bash Android Bash v0.7.13

Shows common bash sources. Currently supports ibash.de, bash.org, german-bash.org and smsvongesternnacht.de.

Dark Pebble Dark Pebble v2.6

It's easy to play music and podcasts.
Just put your music on your card and Dark Pebble will build your music library.
Want to listen to a podcast? Just search and add. Download episodes in the background while listening to others.
Add albums, artists or individual songs to any playlist.

MLB On Deck Pro MLB On Deck Pro v1.0.3

1.0.2: Better widget error handling.
1.0.3: Cache all data. Add manual refresh under menu.

MLB On Deck Pro tracks your favorite MLB team through the full baseball season.
* Scoreboard
* Schedules
* Rankings
* Records
* News
* Widget
- IP game or next matchup

Octopus Paul Octopus Paul v1.0.1

You can use this software to forecast call Paul octopus, the two photographs or text on the sides of heaven and wait for Paul Luo Ge do for your future predictions.

(Lite) Decision makers 3D N in 1 (Lite) Decision makers 3D N in 1 v1.1

Set of decision makers in your pocket. To get advice just touch and roll selected decision cube to the direction you like.
Lite version has General, Manager and Baby gender (what if today) decision makers.
Full one adds Todays activity, HR, Trader and no ads.

Note:remember that it is just a toy.

Simply Dice 3D :) lite Simply Dice 3D :) lite v1.2

Now you can roll up to 6 dices (so you can play even Yatzy games.)
To start rolling just shake or swipe to the direction you like.
I play it with my kids when we do board games
and to bet with my friends.
Check my site to see it in action.

Old Spice Phone Message Old Spice Phone Message v2.0

Hello. Meet your new voice mail message.
This app will generate a voicemail message with the soothing manly tones of Isaiah Mustafa from the Old Spice commercials.
I'm on a horse!

ipaul ipaul v1.0

WebTechies is proud to present, iPaul... The Octopus, the home aquarium of the Great Future Predicting Octopus which answers all your questions in yes or no. In this simple and easy app, you can ask any kind of question from the Octopus and he will reply in yes or no by sitting on the right glass box.‬

‪Just ask your question when asked for and wait for him to sit on the right box telling you whether the answer is yes or no.‬

‪Please kindly note that this application has no association with any person or creature dead or alive and is completely built for having a fun with friends. WebTechies takes no responsibilities of any kind of prediction. ‬

Chump Dump Chump Dump v2.1

Do you really need 5000 twitter friends? ChumpDump wants you to get real!

Soundboard Soundboard v1.0

Funny SoundBoard of the Famous youtube trolololol singer.
All the earnings from this application will be given to this litle boy http://ajudaportugal.blogspot.com/ i think that before we start sending millions to other countries we should help the person next door.

HowDoILook HowDoILook v1.0

Allows you to find out what people think of your clothes before you go out.Find out what people think of your out fit in changing room before you buy it.Rate pictures and report violations to fashion police and blog about it.You must create a free account on "HOWDOILOOK.US" in order to use the app. try it

Sports Radio Droid Sports Radio Droid v1.3

An internet radio app designed specifically for sports fans!