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Math Operations Math Operations v1.7.3

Note: FULL Version Is LIVE!!
Math Operations is our first puzzle game that will allow you to do brainstorming while solving classic math problems.

The game is unique and interesting in the sense that you will need to solve math equations using BODMAS rule with limited time period of 60 seconds. Faster you solve, more points you get. Game itself is very intuitive and allow users to learn from basic to complex math equations by just focusing more on equation rather than gameplay.

Hungry Pigs Hungry Pigs v1.1

Fling the hungry little piggies with your finger to help them eat all of the yummy eggs.

Retro Snake Retro Snake v1.1

Classic Snake is back with all of it's old skool charm. Pick one of the retro handsets and party like it's 1997!

Kids Jigsaw Christmas FREE Kids Jigsaw Christmas FREE v1.0.0

Kids Jigsaw is a fun jigsaw puzzle game applicable for all ages. It improves cognitive skills, stimulate memory, logical thinking, develop social skills.

Pirates of the Celebes Pirates of the Celebes v1.11

Ahoy Captain, Get ready to set sails and conquer the seas!

Armed with various high-tech gizmos you and your ship have a slight advantage over the opponents, but don't underestimated them. With an unlimited amount of levels, and increasing difficulty you will eventually meet your match.

Tic Tac Toe Tic Tac Toe v1.01

A classic Tic Tac Toe game

Sports Quiz! Sports Quiz! v2.0

Guess the name of famous sportsmen!

Sports Quiz! contains more than 500 sportsmen from different sports such as Soccer, Football, Basketball, Racing, Tennis, Boxing, Golf and Tennis among others.
Show to everybody your knowledge on sports by sharing your scores on Facebook.

Arrangit Arrangit v1.0

The name is derived from Arrange and It. This is game 3x3 board that require deep thought and patient to solve the puzzle. Are you fast enough? Try it now.

Dream Christmas Tree Decorator Dream Christmas Tree Decorator v2.1

Dream Christmas tree!
Decorate the tree with Christmas toys by moving them. As well as change the background color of the tree, and so on using the buttons.

MarbleSlide3DLite MarbleSlide3DLite v1.1

Slide your marbles..., explore six patterns of challenging levels, control and balance your marbles in exploring the exciting 3D adventure maze that takes your balance skills.

Santa Flash Santa Flash v1.1

The ride to Christmas starts here ! Ride with the flashing Santa Claus as long as possible without falling off the platforms.Collect presents for extra point ! ;)

Krishna the ButterEater Krishna the ButterEater v1.1

The Amazing boy Krishna, a village boy, hero of Indian mythology, we can call him Lord Krishna…..But what is this!!!!He is too Hungary and want to eat. Everybody knows that he loves Butter; it means all villagers butter pots are not safe from naughty butter eater Krishna. But villagers are too smart they placed some empty pots also so that Krishna cannot get butter easily…. This is the best part of game.

Memory lite Memory lite v1.0

A memory game for kids

Solitaires Premium Free Solitaires Premium Free v1.01

Solitaires Premium collects world top solitaires in a single game - from Spider, through FreeCell up to less known solitaires like Yukon or TriPeaks, with many more in the middle.

Quick Escape - Cellar Quick Escape - Cellar v1.0.0

You find yourself trapped in a dirty cellar and you must escape!

Brainz Brainz v1.3.1

Challenge yourself...get Brainz.

Square Avoid Square Avoid v1.1

Simple game where you have to avoid squares that are flying at you.

BubbleDoms BubbleDoms v1.1

The aquatic war began! Lead your army to victory!

Strange Quiz Strange Quiz v0.9.5

Are you tired about usually quiz?

Strange Quiz 1-2 Player has a simple game rule: choose the wrong answer to win!

Angry Blast Ball Angry Blast Ball v1.0

Angry Blast Ball is a interesting game and fun.