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Shoot The UFOs Shoot The UFOs v1.3

Shoot the UFOs on screen by touch it.
Just for fun when you free.

Rebus Rebus v1.0

There is 60 word play puzzles now. All puzzles are free to use. Your progress is saved. You'll see what puzzles solved already, but what waiting for your attention.

↗ Addicting puzzles!
↗ Complete utilization of your brains!
↗ Nice pictures!
↗ Constant updates of New Rebuses!
↗ it’s FREE!

Snowman Snowman v1.0

A super fun alternative to hangman!

Memory Memory v1.3

A memory game for kids

Mine Monsters Mine Monsters v1.0

The monsters have moved to a new home.
An old mine full of landmines.
Help them detect these explosive mines and disarm them.


Touch Control

Randomly generated stage

Extremely fun

Simple and addictive

Local Score

Easy tutorial



Android 2.0

Toyland Slots Toyland Slots v1.2

Toyland Slots is a toy-themed, pub-slots styled slot machine. See all the wonderful, classical Christmas toys from days long gone. You'll see toys ranging from the toy soldier to the lovable teddy bear to the choo-choo train! All your favorites are here!

Toyland Slots features a single pay line with multiple ways to win. Nudge, hold, and press your luck for big winnings!

Twinkle Memory Matchup Twinkle Memory Matchup v1.0

★Best Card Game for Kids and Adults!
★The Best Memory game!

"Twinkle Memory Match Up"
is a fun memory game for kids and adults alike.

Word Fill Free Word Fill Free v1.07

The popular word fill-in puzzles (mix of crossword puzzles and jigsaw puzzles)

AMatches AMatches v1.0

Game from Fort Boyard tv series. Pulling matches (sticks). Each player can pull 1, 2 or 3 matches. Who takes the last loses.

Bubble X Slice Bubble X Slice v1.0.3

Help the little sea creatures break free from the bubbles! Slice each bubble to pop it and release each one. But beware! Not all the creatures you see are friendly and there are dangers lurking in the sea!

Santa Dash 2 Santa Dash 2 v1.0.0

Make Santa run as far as possible and give out presents as he goes.

Wordfish Wordfish v1.26

Wordfish, a game of words and fish
Play the free version of WordFish, the best word game on Android, iOS, Kindle and Nook! Play cross-platform with up to 4 of your friends, whether they are using smartphone or a tablet. Show your word placing skill via internet multiplayer, local wi-fi or on one device in hot-seat mode, in any of 17 imbedded languages! If you like words, games and occasional frutti di mare, look no further!

RobosLand RobosLand v1.2.2

This game like Super Mario style.
This is the advanture of Robo. To help the dog from evil and scary monster. You think you can safe your dog? Download and play it now for free!

Update Version 1.2.1 Date 12 Sep 2013

Super FallDown Super FallDown v1.0

This is a simple, but fast and addictive game.

Tilt your device to control the ball and fall through the holes, prevent the ball from reaching the top of the screen.

This free application is ad suported, it uses Airpush ads, which sends pushes directly into the notification bar.

Dices Pro Ultra Dices Pro Ultra v1.0.3

Free dices app - play any game that requires up to 10 dices. A coin (heads or tails) is included.
This app is absolutely silent - you can play quietly and not bother anybody around you.

FallDown Neon FallDown Neon v1.22

A neat looking version of the classic game falldown.

Ice Age Frogging Free Ice Age Frogging Free v1.9.0

Frogs need your help in a war against evil wasps!

ColorBall ColorBall v1.2.3.8

You need move a color ball once and let five or more balls with same color in a straight line to get score points. The line can be horizontally,vertically,or catercorner. The balls in line will be purge from board and you get scores. Game will over If it has not blank cell on the board.

Match 4 Family Match 4 Family v1.1

There is no better way for the youngest members of the house spend a fun time and also exercise their mind. With this fun and colourful game your children will train their short term memory, sensory sense with the funny sounds in the game and their visual memory.

Cards'n'Dice Cards'n'Dice v1.0

This is a singleplayer cardgame.

You've got 6 stacks, each with 8 cards. Click on the dice in the middle. It shows you which stack is used for the next round. Pick a card you'll play, your opponent does the same. Who picks the highest card wins this round and get 2 points. If someone picks a ✰-card, this player can choose again.

If all stacks are emtpy the game is over. The player with the highest points wins.